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welp, more and more frequently, my ThinkPad X230 doesn’t wake from sleep and I have to force-poweroff by holding the power button for ~5sec (which probably risks some data issues)… can’t tell if it’s the OS or hardware… frustrating issue with no clear cause. the worst kind to troubleshoot 😓

The Surrey Amateur Radio Club posted the July-August 2022 issue of their digital magazine “The Communicator”. This issue’s cover is a photo I took at SARC’s Field Day event! Was a super-fun time and I even went back late at night to watch some of the more chill QSO-chasing 😄

Everything pre-2022 is currently "pay what you want" on Artoffact's Bandcamp:

Picked up a few releases from some of my favorites including Kælan Mikla, V▲LH▲LL, Sólveig Matthildur, Noise Unit and Decree! <3

Wow, that's kinda uncool. @protonmail updated their services/plans (which is fine), and in the process magically auto-subscribed me to all their email newsletter subscriptions, even though I had previously unsubscribed from all of them but one.

Excellent interview with the CTO of Raptor Computing Systems (vendors of fully-open POWER9 workstations):

birdsite nsfw ad 

woops, opened the official Twitter client by accident. even shittier and more psychologically hostile than I expected.

Sweet, got my award, (which just denotes that I received some SSTV transmissions from the International Space Station)… the second one I’ve received (prev one in 2019)! Kinda fun, and cool to have as an official “receipt” of my participation in their project. Based on the award # I’m the 1113th person to receive one.

ranting about Invidious design 

Random question about Invidious: why the fuck is the video progress bar literally 2 pixels tall? How has it gone this long staying so utterly impossible to actually skip around in a video? It boggles my mind.

dang, they happened to transmit the same image again, but it didn't come in much better that time around lol (on the upside I'm trying a different technique/software and able to filter out a ton of noise outside of the effective SSTV frequencies)

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One more SSTV image, not so good, but still quite legible! pretty poor reception this time around though haha

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wow, got an even better receipt of this latest image from the International Space Station! This time I put my NA-771 on my Yaesu VX-8DR with an adaptor. not bad at all!

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Picked up a pretty decent reception of transmission from the on 145.8mhz! Lots of noise I guess due to ionospheric effects or interference, but still not too bad at all! Picked up with my Baofeng BF-F8HP and Nagoya NA-771 antenna and decoded with BlackCat Systems SSTV app for iOS. Looking forward to picking up more transmissions today/tomorrow!

Found this haunting track on Bandcamp recently, can't even describe it. Ominous baroque neoclassical conjuration? Sounds like the intro to a Cradle of Filth album, and I was so wishing their music bursts into some kind of black metal harshness -- unfortunately no such luck haha ;)


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