Updated my website, after a long time away from it: amorphic.space/

It had been long enough since I used my own site generator tool that I had to refactor parts of it to remember how it worked. The good(?) news is, after 2 years of procrastinating, I'm finally figuring out how to create an RSS feed for it.

A friend and I are thinking of doing some writing together, and we've spent some time now looking at the current state of collaborative writing tools. This search is made harder by the fact that:
1. said friend doesn't program, and my normal strategy of 'put everything into a text editor and use version control' is a hard sell
2. both of us dislike Google Docs.

At any rate, this has been a surprisingly deep rabbit hole. I'm resisting the temptation to make my own collaborative writing app.

me in mid 2021: I think I’m done with fanfiction and will go back to making games
me in mid 2022: I was not done with fanfiction. (I’m still not done with fanfiction)

Anyway, hello. It’s been a year and some change. In that time all of my internet habits were upended again.

I’ve continued to lurk here because I enjoy this space. I haven’t talked much (at all), and I probably will still be quiet for some time, but I am here.

I drew the font: amorphous.itch.io/beholden

I'm pretty satisfied with it; it looks reasonably good at display sizes, and has a certain character to it.

I didn't get as far into pixel hinting or the details of typography as I could've, though. At small sizes, the letters aren't always the same pixel height. There's a lot of details to typography that I'm still rough around.

I’m riding out this ‘I want to draw a font’ temptation as far as it can carry me.

It’s actually kind of relaxing, sketching out letter forms. I have no design basis in mind beyond taking my favorite serif fonts and freehanding something that looks nice based on them.

I'm tempted now to attempt to make a font. I recall vaguely people on here doing that some weeks ago; were there any projects that came out of them?

...but in the course of making it, I didn't document any of my process! Alas.

I mostly fell out of the habit of documenting my process at all. Constantly trying to get back into that.

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The solo tabletop game is actually complete, and can be found at amorphous.itch.io/two-stand-to

I hadn't really contemplated making tabletop games before April, but a friend sent me a link to a solo tabletop system and a game jam associated with it, and convinced me to give it a try. We designed this game together.

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The more places I frequent online (and the more things I try to make at once), the less often I end up checking in on any one place.

Anyway, I've been making:
- a solo tabletop game
- a todo list app
- a stage play

in order of 'most complete to least'

After several months of creative output that was pretty much exclusively fanfiction, I'm finally going back to making games. and making tools for making games.

This discovery comes from a few confused messages I got today from people asking about new music releases.

But I suppose it did remind me that, yes, I did make music at one point, and that I could actually release some of it.

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Today I found out that there's a musician who uses the name 'Amorphous' that got very viral recently on Twitter and now I'm having a lot of Thoughts about names and the like.

If / when I publish my own music, I wonder what name I should publish them under. It seems more conventional for musicians to create multiple monikers than for the other creative fields I frequent.

I put up a page on my site about my explorations with making a Raspberry Pi server: amorphic.space/tinderbox/

Might do the same with my forays into Linux in a few days. I'm still uncertain that I won't just break everything.

(I just used the default Manjaro XFCE image. I don't trust myself enough to customize too much - the first time I tried to slim down the install I managed to mess up the bootloader, and had to reinstall the whole thing)

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I have now successfully installed Manjaro Linux onto a 16gb flash drive, and am now using that for writing and light coding.

...I don't think I can use this for game development, since I have like 6gb total of space to work with. But 16gb was the largest external drive I had to work with.

Especially since both Godot and Unity have Linux support for their editors.

(I have never gotten too far into this line of thought because the idea of having to choose a version of linux and figure it out has always been too much inertia to overcome)

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I think I've finally reached the point where I don't use very many Windows-specific applications, and am now contemplating trying my hand at using Linux.

The main pain point would be the lack of FL Studio support for writing music, but I don't think I'd be writing music on this laptop anyway.

My current project path:

Decided to make a short Unity narrative game -> needed to write a parser to get my script format into Unity -> oh, some features I wrote are useful for my site parser. I should update my website -> time to look into webservers -> I found my old raspberry pi, so let's install NextCloud and Syncthing on it

...I now have an updated website and a cool new server, but I haven't actually made my narrative game?

The only useful thing I’ve done with this so far is change the css of the web interface...

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I successfully got NextCloud up and running! (After bricking and reflashing the pi once.)

I don’t have a case for this, so it’s probably going to just live on the floor for now...

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