Still spending most of my time writing. It has been *months* since I've used my computer for programming outside of work, and right now I don't miss it.

Though -- it's getting to the point of impacting my day job, too. Maybe I should try to take a break from programming altogether, but I can't justify that just yet.

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I have been spending most of my time recently writing fanfiction.

It's been good for keeping up the writing muscle, keeping me creating stuff. But, even more than fanart, it doesn't quite feel like the kind of thing I'd share here.

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Can't stop thinking about the Mozilla layoffs and what it means for the web. Andreas Gal's "Chrome won" post from 2017 comes to mind:

When it comes down to it, browsers are about people using it, especially if you're trying to build your own rendering engine and maintain compatibility with websites. You can't build your own engine and have single-digit market share, or you wind up in a compatibility death spiral (see: Opera, Edge).

It's really going to take 2 months for me to finish uploading all these swords. Oh well.

I find that I drift back here mostly when I think about programming. But I haven't had much headspace to think about programming, so instead I've been drawing lots of fanart. I don't think about sharing those here all that much.

back to sharing swords!

13: Shiori’s sword from Revolutionary Girl Utena. My references were photos of the prop they used in the stage play version, though I can’t track it down right now.

14: Harpuia’s swords from Megaman Zero. I studied the sword attack animations from this game a long time ago to learn how to draw weapon trails.

15: Blutgang from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This game has taken up a lot of my life during the pandemic...

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the problem with doing all my art on an ipad is that I don't have a great method to transfer the drawings to computer. So I'll have to remember to upload swords when I next use my ipad

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oh no, I forgot about the rest of the swords!

sword 12: Moon sword (from Sailor Moon)

This never showed up in the anime, oh well. My sister made a replica of this sword out of foam, which is sitting in our living room (and is the main reference I used)

Rest of the thread will probably be as image sets, because this backlog of swords is longer than I thought

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sword 11: Black Keys from Melty Blood

These swords also show up in Fate / Stay Night and other Type Moon works, but I always associate them with Ciel in Melty Blood first.

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Sword 10 is the Wind Goddess Sword (from the Revue Starlight mobile game spinoff...)

I chose this particular sword because I realized I hadn’t used green much up to now.

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continuing from where I left off!

sword 9 is the guardian sword from Legend of Zelda: breath of the wild. There are a lot of cool weapons in that game so it was hard to choose one to draw

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I did the thing where I forgot to post here for a few days and then got embarrassed about posting drawings late.

Anyway, I’ve been quiet for three weeks because my brain is silly, and I have a backlog of swords (I ended up drawing 21 sword pieces) and other art to show off

sword 8: Sword Storm Gun (from Custom Robo)

Technically not a sword, but rather a gun that shoots swords that’s also sort of shaped like a sword

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sword 7: Two’s sword from Drakengard 3

I’ve never played Drakengard 3. Or any of the Drakengard games. However, there is a well done screenshot let’s play of the game on the lparchives, which I used to get the story.

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sword 6: Samael sword (from the second Sailor Moon vampire musical, whose title is so long that I can never remember it)

The sword opened up to reveal a smaller sword in it, which I never understood the plot relevance of.

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sword 5: Enlil’s katana (from I / O)

I / O is a cyberpunk visual novel and one of my favorite games, as well as probably my biggest fictional influence. It is also kind of a mess, and I love it anyway.

Sadly, it is fairly difficult to play - there was a fan-patch, but the group that made it took it offline, and the game requires your system language be set to Japanese to even install correctly.

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