I really miss collaborative coworking. I did it a bunch in college, but I've had trouble finding space / time to consistently meet people afterwards to do it. It doesn't help that Seattle doesn't have much in the way of free coworking spaces.

I guess 'jam session' is the term that most aligns with what I'm thinking, except for making software and games and stories?

I like collaborating with people, I don't do it enough nowadays.

There were several directions I could've taken with this tool; either run it from the server as a webhook on push (which is what I did), or locally as a post-commit script.

I chose the post-push method primarily because I often rewrite or revise commits before pushing. It does mean that I'll have to write integrations for every git provider I use though, and relies on having a web server.

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I got the idea to create a mastodon bot that streams out the contents of my git commits (for low-friction project updates) from a conversation with @dualhammers

So far I’ve found gist.github.com/kylefrost/f384 - which is an outdated log of someone doing something similar for twitter

Did another small site update. Added the links to the footer after getting some feedback about it.

I've also been putting more writing on the site, which is completely unorganized right now - but I think I've got a way to create a sitemap, and need to implement it now.

In the meantime, I think my favorite writing I've put up so far is this one, about the sites I've made before: amorphic.space/amorphic/past-s

I want so badly to make a game and finish it, but unfortunately the games I like to make are not the kind of games that I find easy to make

as I try to actually document my days more consistently, it's already led me to start seeing patterns when my chronic illness flares up.

there are obvious voids in my written / online activity during those times.

I've been contemplating creating a new alias to do some more experimental creative work under. Except I'm really bad at coming up with aliases - I decided on Amorphous when I was in school, and never had another one since.

How do you all come up with names for yourselves?

after like a whole month, my site finally is in a state where I'd be comfortable releasing it

except the 404 page is broken. Hrm.

In the meantime, it temporarily lives here: vibrant-ramanujan-9ebf3d.netli

I've been trying out pomodoro technique, but always found 25 min pomos too short for me to focus well.

I did pomodoros of 50 min work / 10 min break and they seemed to work better, gonna keep experimenting with how long to make them.

(Note that this is not at all what I envision the design to be. I literally just tacked on a space background and random image gradients atop of what I already had.

Though I'm now invested enough in space background that I *really* want to make it work)

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I got a bit distracted while designing my new website, and wound up looking into my archives of all the personal sites I made in the past.

And wow, I really liked space backgrounds. In fact, I still really like space backgrounds.

...I also might've figured out why part of why all my projects take so long to complete.

Today I finally learned how to plug my MIDI keyboard into my computer and record my playing.

Before this, I spent an embarrassingly long time (8 years or so) composing music by playing on the keyboard, memorizing what I played, and then transcribing the notes into FL Studio by hand.

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