After several months of creative output that was pretty much exclusively fanfiction, I'm finally going back to making games. and making tools for making games.

This discovery comes from a few confused messages I got today from people asking about new music releases.

But I suppose it did remind me that, yes, I did make music at one point, and that I could actually release some of it.

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Today I found out that there's a musician who uses the name 'Amorphous' that got very viral recently on Twitter and now I'm having a lot of Thoughts about names and the like.

If / when I publish my own music, I wonder what name I should publish them under. It seems more conventional for musicians to create multiple monikers than for the other creative fields I frequent.

I put up a page on my site about my explorations with making a Raspberry Pi server:

Might do the same with my forays into Linux in a few days. I'm still uncertain that I won't just break everything.

(I just used the default Manjaro XFCE image. I don't trust myself enough to customize too much - the first time I tried to slim down the install I managed to mess up the bootloader, and had to reinstall the whole thing)

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I have now successfully installed Manjaro Linux onto a 16gb flash drive, and am now using that for writing and light coding.

...I don't think I can use this for game development, since I have like 6gb total of space to work with. But 16gb was the largest external drive I had to work with.

Especially since both Godot and Unity have Linux support for their editors.

(I have never gotten too far into this line of thought because the idea of having to choose a version of linux and figure it out has always been too much inertia to overcome)

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I think I've finally reached the point where I don't use very many Windows-specific applications, and am now contemplating trying my hand at using Linux.

The main pain point would be the lack of FL Studio support for writing music, but I don't think I'd be writing music on this laptop anyway.

My current project path:

Decided to make a short Unity narrative game -> needed to write a parser to get my script format into Unity -> oh, some features I wrote are useful for my site parser. I should update my website -> time to look into webservers -> I found my old raspberry pi, so let's install NextCloud and Syncthing on it

...I now have an updated website and a cool new server, but I haven't actually made my narrative game?

The only useful thing I’ve done with this so far is change the css of the web interface...

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I successfully got NextCloud up and running! (After bricking and reflashing the pi once.)

I don’t have a case for this, so it’s probably going to just live on the floor for now...

I've been looking into NextCloud as a hopeful Dropbox replacement, since I am very quickly reaching my space limit there.

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I've had a Raspberry Pi lying around in my apartment for about a year now because I got the new one with the micro HDMI ports, and I didn't have any micro HDMI cables.

But I have now discovered that you can enable ssh on the pi without actually having a display, so I've been playing around with setting up a server over the past few days.

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This leads to a contempt for the past. Too much of what was created in the last fifty years is gone because no one took care to preserve it.

19: Dirk from Fate/Stay Night.

20: Type-4O blade from Nier Automata.

21: Amorphous's sword. Another one of mine, which I designed a long time ago as a kid, for a character named Amorphous. (I ended up using his name for my handle, which has made things a little strange now because now things will be confusing if I ever publish any stories where he appears. Unless I change his name, I guess.)

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I also never finished sharing swords, and honestly that's the ghost that probably kept me from being more present here because my brain is silly. So let's get through the rest of them now.

16: Overture from FFXIII-2. I didn't know it had a name when I was drawing it; I referenced it off the Final Fantasy wiki (I really like reading game wikis)

17: No-name from Soulcalibur 3.

18: Phyrum's sword. I designed this one! I have a design sheet for it somewhere...

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Hi there. I've been here, reading and lurking, but I realize it's been a few months since I last posted.

I have been spending most of my time writing fanfiction, still -- I'm surprised at how long that's sustained me. I don't share much of that here because it feels so different from the shared interest here -- and so I've gotten used to lurking and reading and not posting at all.

One day, I'll catch up with folks. I miss talking to people.

Still spending most of my time writing. It has been *months* since I've used my computer for programming outside of work, and right now I don't miss it.

Though -- it's getting to the point of impacting my day job, too. Maybe I should try to take a break from programming altogether, but I can't justify that just yet.

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I have been spending most of my time recently writing fanfiction.

It's been good for keeping up the writing muscle, keeping me creating stuff. But, even more than fanart, it doesn't quite feel like the kind of thing I'd share here.

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