Encourage your ideas to leave the safe and unconstrained but lonely environment of your mind

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"The most important difference between a jail and a home is who controls the lock on the door. Most smartphone companies want you to believe that the gilded jail they’ve designed for you is the safest place to spend your time. Precursor takes a different approach. By giving you the keys to the lock, it gives you a home."

I'm gonna steal that phrasing.

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Ever since the EU Merveilles meetup and our conversation about habits, I've been practicing a bare minimum of screen-hygene that (iirc?) @thomasorus recommended - I don't touch my phone until I've had breakfast.

This has *instantly* carved out some quality mental space & time and I'm now also on something like day 4 of writing little (paper) daily todo lists.

Mostly offline while travelling right now. Feels awesome to be disconnected.

If you had 15 minutes on a cellphone hotspot before being totally cut off from the internet, what would you take with you?

Water seal disappeared... Maybe it evaporated? First batch might be a fail.

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Webdev, nice 

"Astro generates every website with zero client-side JavaScript, by default. Astro uses a technique called partial hydration that lets you hydrate individual components on the page. This way, you only send down the absolutely essential JavaScript that you need to run your page."


If you could toggle short/long variable names and type annotations with a hotkey, that would be great.

You’re encouraged to massage/pound/coax enough liquid out of the cabbage that it covers itself when you pack it down.

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Built some small shelves for the tools. The workbench is kept minimal with a focus on setting up and taking down quickly. .

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Mechanical and paper computing fans, I present to you Chris Staecker's youtube channel, kicking off with an explanation and demonstration of the "Little Man Computer" a paper computer meant to familiarize students with low level programming concepts. youtu.be/t-mOfXhgfQY

Pāṇini's Aṣṭādhyāyī 

learnsanskrit.org/vyakarana/so This sequence of pages feels like a great way to get a taste of it, I can already see a lot of computing concepts I recognize and other things that are new and inspiring. The constraint of oral tradition makes it even more interesting in some ways.

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