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To measure "How much battery capacity do I need for my laptop?" I wrote the simplest of all battery sizers. Does this math check out?

12410mV * 665mA = ~8000mW

Bump that up to a 12 watt work load for 10 hours, 2 days of redundancy, and 50% depth of discharge on the battery (Say, a lead acid battery) and I think I need about 500 watt hours, or 40Ah at 12v.

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The System Information app on OSX can show battery info like charge cycles, voltage, amperage, capacity, charge remaining. This one is... 70 watt hours? You can open it quickly by pressing option then clicking on "About this mac"

@happybeing Good point on DoD! I definitely haven't been considering a healthy depth of discharge so far.

Is anyone generating solar power at home? How much battery capacity do you have?

"Optoro, a technology company that specializes in streamlining reverse logistics — the process of sorting through retail returns — estimates that $400 billion US worth of merchandise is returned to all retailers every year, which generates five billion pounds of waste directed to landfill in the U.S."

Group polarization — the tendency for a group to make decisions that are more extreme than the initial inclination of its members

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What if you had no mouse or keyboard and object oriented programming was literally made of objects

Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle

A principle is something that you can see — as a moral right and wrong — and feel a responsibility (not an opportunity) to change.

Usually acting on principle is a social behaviour, but it exists in software too.

Bret is the person who most inspires me right now.

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Still in that honeymoon phase just generating simple sounds, sketches & ideas for something new...

Lots of respect for the techniques used in these American portraits

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Do y'all expose personal hardware like a raspberry pi to the internet? How? (I'm starting to use ngrok)

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What's a topic you don't know well and would like to discuss with others about in the future?

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