@joshavanier i love it! ive been trying to get into water colors and i bought a set and brush and paper and everything but im a little scared of the whole process seeing as i havent dont it before

do you have any tips?

@aynish @joshavanier this painting looks like it’s done digitally. I do analog stuff... best advice is to just experiment, flick the paint at the page if you have to. Whatever you can to get over the blank page.

@anandra @joshavanier but how start? water in bowl brush and dip in paint and splat?

i scared

@aynish @joshavanier :3 brush in water, gentle swirls or strokes in paint to pick it up. The paint takes a little while to absorb the water and become workable, so you usually have to do this a few times at first before your brush is loaded. Then just brush on the page.
You can even get the page a little wet ahead of time if you want more expressive unpredictableness.

There’s not much that can go wrong unless you are really rough with the brush. Fine if you don’t mind replacing it later :D

@anandra @aynish oh shoot, I forgot to order watercolour paper 🤦‍♂️

@joshavanier @aynish proper paper makes a big difference. But! You can still try it out on whatever you have laying around. The paint likely won’t look as saturated as it should, and the paper will warp like heck if it’s thin, but it’s fine for understanding the very basics.

@anandra @joshavanier i bought real paper!! my friends also do water color and they gave my advice

sounds like i just need to be brave and not worry about the outcome

@anandra @joshavanier thank you for sharing!!! :3
im gonna try tomorrow, i got all the ingredients and let's just see what happens

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