A Raspberry Pi internet radio receiver, that allows you to browse and play more than 2000 online radio stations using the analog controllers of an old radio.

Flipper Zero is a portable multi-tool for pentesters and geeks in Tamagotchi body.

NODE vol.2 is out!

Features awesome projects like The Open Book, @mntmn Reform 2, IPFS, SB, Cabal, @manyver_se


Mon employeur cherche des tuteurs pour accompagner des étudiants en école de management sur un projet d'initiation au machine learning en novembre et en visio. Contactez-moi si vous êtes intéressés. Ici par MP, ou sur Keybase.

PomPom Mirror. Interactive installation with kinect sensor and motor controlled faux fur.

My laptop went out. So between other things, my slot for livestream event EulerRoom Equinox is free.

Is the rise of craftsmanship values in software development concomitant to the proletarization of this field ?


I realize that i never bought a computer in my life. I always salvaged hardware people didn't use anymore.
PS : my parents bought me my first pc (amd 233Mhz with 16Mo of RAM)

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