@neauoire As you use textures in sdl2 instead of surfaces, did you find a way to save your renderer into an image file ? It seems that's it's only possible with surfaces :/

The Movement MCS Percussion Computer was a very rare British-made drum machine produced approximately between 1981 (MKI) and 1983 (MKII).

I just enjoy discovering openhardware projects, even if i'll never build or use them.

散歩 - Walk - A third-person, J-Horror experience where you play as a girl walking home from school! 

Violent content. Rotoscoped animation for fans of sword & sorcery 

Sneakernet is an informal term for the transfer of electronic information by physically moving media [...] rather than transmitting it over a computer network.

Kickended is an archive of Kickstarter’s $0-pledged campaigns.


On Element (ex riot.im), i'm

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Tactical Tech is looking for Digital Security Specialists to work on educational materials to train journalists, human rights defenders, and civil society on leading investigations & combating misinformation, esp in developing countries. Apply tacticaltech.org/news/digital-

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I'm looking for inspiration to design a visual programming (ie node based) UI mockup.

I already looked over this page :

Suggestions ?

A Raspberry Pi internet radio receiver, that allows you to browse and play more than 2000 online radio stations using the analog controllers of an old radio.

Flipper Zero is a portable multi-tool for pentesters and geeks in Tamagotchi body.

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