I'm looking for podcasts and conferences to listen to. You can point out those who are in 'merveilles state of mind'.
Maybe we can curate a list somewhere ?

I still didn't have a website and I am tired of trying cms and static generators 😩 . So I just wrote some html, accepted it's just a beginning, and that's it.

@cblgh It has nothing to do with cabal itself, but i wonder how can i make cohabit cabal chat and cabal haskell package manager in terminal.
PS: cabal chat wins.

Oceanography and Marine Biology:
Foraging behaviours appear linked to tidal cycles in some areas [...] Killer whales (Orcinus orca) have a worldwide distribution in both inshore and offshore.

Hey Merveillans ! Here are some promo dl codes for my album if feel like it.

I gave a TidalCycles workshop sunday 9th. Here's my report with a link to tidal code i used. toplap.lurk.org/t/workshop-rep

It's not audioreactive anymore. It sends osc, so i make "videoreactive" music in reaktor.

quite messy right now. I'll have to write some easing functions.

I would like to stream locally my screen for a workshop instead of using a beamer. Any advice ?

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