I realize that i never bought a computer in my life. I always salvaged hardware people didn't use anymore.
PS : my parents bought me my first pc (amd 233Mhz with 16Mo of RAM)

Finished reading 'Build your own LISP' today.
And now ?

I'll have to deal with the fact that finishing a programming book never happens. There's always stuff to add or to improve.

Program a programming language which allows to define a function to create functions 🤯

Low tech websites : OK.
Low tech phones & computers : OK.
Low tech electronic music ?
Low tech videogames ?

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Have you found a kind of "awesome list" on lowtech hardware, or even software?

@royniang Noob question. How do you push to 1600 Kodak Tri-X 400 ? I shoot with an Olympus OM-10.
ps: i found your website on tilde.club :p

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