Not sure which movie to watch ?
Just for fun, don't hesitate to ask me. I'll try to pick one or two based on your criterias (genre, director, actress/actor, mood etc). I don't guarantee you i'll find something.
I would like to test my cinephile culture :D

@neauoire As you use textures in sdl2 instead of surfaces, did you find a way to save your renderer into an image file ? It seems that's it's only possible with surfaces :/

The Movement MCS Percussion Computer was a very rare British-made drum machine produced approximately between 1981 (MKI) and 1983 (MKII).

I just enjoy discovering openhardware projects, even if i'll never build or use them.

散歩 - Walk - A third-person, J-Horror experience where you play as a girl walking home from school! 

Violent content. Rotoscoped animation for fans of sword & sorcery 

Sneakernet is an informal term for the transfer of electronic information by physically moving media [...] rather than transmitting it over a computer network.

Kickended is an archive of Kickstarter’s $0-pledged campaigns.

On Element (ex, i'm


Tactical Tech is looking for Digital Security Specialists to work on educational materials to train journalists, human rights defenders, and civil society on leading investigations & combating misinformation, esp in developing countries. Apply


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