Looks promising. But i got a fatal error on install :(

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@antharia I run a dedicated DO droplet with algo for my personal VPN. I hope you are eventually successful with the installation.

@glyph i tried on vultr. I'll give digital ocean a try.

Can't figure how to make Algo works :/ And i just destroy my openVPN instance.

@falt_ Yup, I've never had problems with the speed. It's probably relevant to add that I've never been on a connection > 40 Mbps.

@glyph I’m basically on ~10Mb/s connections all the time 😅

@antharia how much is your server? I’m considering doing this but not sure if the possible troubles are worth the possible savings

@nx a 5$ server was enough for openvpn. I didn't manage to install algo.

@nx can't remember exactly. Install script just failed. I'll restart and tell you if you like.

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