Didn't know that Frances McDormand reciting Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 would crush (and try to heal) me after some of the toughest weeks I've had.

I didn't know. But I'm glad it did.

«Future Materials Bank: Materials that inspire, promote, and support the transition towards a more sustainable artistic practice.»


I've finally updated my English/French dictionary. It now supports sitelen sitelen glyphs in addition to sitelen pona.

I still need to make a single file offline version, and to fix a few minor layout issues, but it works, with a bunch of CSS hacks and zero JavaScript.


There's so much uncertainty these days. The only thing we really do know is that we have each other.

«When games are hard on their hands, some players turn their voices into controllers: Voice control provides unique opportunities for accessibility — and some complicated setup.»


Does anyone here in Merveilles know about PCBs, custom Raspberry Pi HATs and microcontrollers? I have a couple of specific questions, might involve a tiny paid gig. :maru:

Personal sites are like digital gardens with their own flora and fauna, tended with love and care, ever-growing and lush. These places usually have bridges to other gardens that have their own diverse ecosystems.

I used to love following links and ending up in beautiful, unique gardens.

Now those bridges are gone, and gardening has been outsourced...

Monocultures suck.

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