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Mika. Berlin based developer/designer/coagulator. Likes bouldering, black metal and bread.

Nettweorc eardode, sincfáge sel sweartum nihtum.

Doubly sad since Berlin had a really fun decentralised tech scene a few years ago, then you turn away and glance back and everything is now etherium

Like I completely understand the ideas of autonomous communities controlling their own gatekeeping rather than relying on Big Platforms, but surely theres better ways of doing this than via 'proof of wealth'. This all prompted by the FWB stuff over the last few days.

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Every time I give DAO/w3 stuff the benefit of the doubt and read into it, I come away with such a strong feeling that the whole thing is techno-obscuritanist smoke and mirrors, vibrating with pure MLM energy, deflationary anarchocapitalism sold as 'empowering communities'.

Bunches of people I respect *inist* that there is interesting things going on here but every time I look I cannot see it. Feel like maybe im missing something.

Hoi Mervelles. Trying to Create Stuff these days feels a little contrived, like my brain doesn't really work anymore, so in let me share this as a substitute: my dog ran away recently, and when we found her she had injured her paws.


She has to wear little socks.

The community is amazing and the ecosystem is pretty great. I guess it's just more I don't know I did anything (or rather, had much confidence in the things I was doing) without ADTs and static types

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I try not to be a language zealot but, over the last year or so, I've fallen out of love with Python a little bit. After writing more things in Haskell & playing around with Rust, I'm not entirely sure I can go back outside some specific use cases (small scripts, maybe tools, prototyping)

It lets me write my dotfiles in dhall instead of just raw text (like my mbsync settings, then it compiles them to text/yaml/json and symlinks them. Seems to work pretty well for now!

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Been playing around with Dhall a lot recently, so wrote a little prototype CLI tool in Haskell to manage my dotfiles with it, called Hord

Lord have mercy, it's hard to find anywhere hiring functional programming developers. Why is everyone using golang all of a sudden?! 😖

Hey all ! At the end of this month, I'll have left and will be looking out for something new. Quick bio:
- Good with Python
- Secretly a big fan of functional programming and type systems, don't tell my python friends though
- Know my way around Kubernetes, docker, salt, terraform. Infrastructure stuff.
- Have successfully convinced computers to do things I want them to do

I'm Berlin based, but a big fan of full remote stuff. If y'all know anything, lmk!

Looks very likely that i'll not be working for a few months from January onwards, so if anyone has any interesting Open Source projects that could maybe benefit from a Python developer with devops skills (+ a love of functional programming langs/paradigms) please hmu!

Finding that one of the things that's helping me (mostly) keep my head on my shoulders during the pandemic is having a daily structure/routine/rhythm. I'm making a little phone app to gently remind me about my desired daily/weekly structure. I know, I know, colours...

As a follow up: it looks like in Jan i'll actually know what it felt like to work on the Ship of Theseus! 2nd most senior engineer by attrition baybeee

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First time making pasta with my pasta machine... Made (far, far too wide) tagliatelle

Seems like I'll probably have to start looking for a new job in 3/4 months time, but everything in Berlin look so.... boring? I'm not sure what to do. Wonder if I can just retreat into the hills and dispense mushroom-based wisdom to people from a cave

The last 4-5 months have felt like having my head slammed in a car door over and over again, but it brightens my heart to see the Merveilles Town still active and nice 😊

Also! I gave a talk at PyCon UK a few months ago about code styles, the value of consistency and Black - a python code formatted that i've contributed to and love very much!

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