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Mika. Berlin based developer/designer/coagulator. Likes bouldering, black metal and bread.

Nettweorc eardode, sincfáge sel sweartum nihtum.

So far, my basil is doing... alarmingly well. My mint has sprouted, parsley is growing pretty quickly. Rosemary has a single sprout but not much activity, and today I seeded (a lot of) greek oregano. This is probably the hardest I've thrown myself into a DIY IRL project and I adore it

lmao this is definitely gonna get a knock on the door from the cops

(As an aside, this is the title page of a slide deck im working away on. I can't wait to (hopefully) see this on a huge screen)

Hah, I stumbled onto some old posters I designed for a collective blog i used to help (mis)manage about 8 years ago. I thought my monochromatic turn was recent, but it turns out, time is just a circle.

Not quite ready to merge to master and deploy yet, still a bunch more stuff yet. But I will say - I think this is the nicest, cleanest python code I've ever written.

Approaching the end of this push. Added all the shields so far: 64 from 25 services (as opposed to just 9 from 7 services previously).

I've been using a Github Project to track my progress - essentially a little scrum/kandban board. Really useful! Though how little the green bar has been filled makes me a little anxious.

Been overhauling over the past couple of days. Lots more to go, but my refactoring was super satisfying. It has a much better structure, is properly tested, and should make adding the 60-ish proposed endpoints a breeze.

Reading the Rorty's introduction to Sellar's "Empiricism and Philosophy of Mind" and it's very fun. This bit made me giggle:

'I once took the liberty of asking Sellars, "If a man chooses to bind the spirit of Hegel in the fetters of Carnap, how shall he find readers?" I was attempting a pastiche of W G Pogson-Smith's question about Spinoza: "If a man chooses to bind the spirit of Christ in the fetters of Euclid, how shall he find readers?" Sellars was not amused.'

Sort of annoyed at myself that Faereld is my most used tool, the one I've put the most time and thought into, and I *still* cannot come up with a cool and meaningful logo/sigil for the thing. Arghhh

Wrote a thing on Faereld that mght be interesting to fellow temporalnauts

Anyone interested in my talk ++ slides from Berlin Python Pizza today can find them on Byrgen.

Prepared my slide deck for Saturday. Talk is just a couple seconds over 10 minutes, but I should make it! I'll stick the write up on Byrgen too.

I especially like the bit where he dunks on Land.

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