So far, my basil is doing... alarmingly well. My mint has sprouted, parsley is growing pretty quickly. Rosemary has a single sprout but not much activity, and today I seeded (a lot of) greek oregano. This is probably the hardest I've thrown myself into a DIY IRL project and I adore it

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@autophagy I’m enjoying these updates.

Sarah tends a herb and vegetable garden on our balcony but we have varying luck... I might build an ultralight greenhouse if I can think it through.

@whtrbt Ah cool! I think having a consistent light level and (mostly) consistent moisture level helps with reducing random failures. But, I'll see how successful I am when they move more into the vegetative stage...

@autophagy this is awesome, I've been wanting to do the same and write up my progress this year with the garden. This is the first year I try using raw wood chips as a top cover and it would be good to start documenting now...

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