Every time I give DAO/w3 stuff the benefit of the doubt and read into it, I come away with such a strong feeling that the whole thing is techno-obscuritanist smoke and mirrors, vibrating with pure MLM energy, deflationary anarchocapitalism sold as 'empowering communities'.

Bunches of people I respect *inist* that there is interesting things going on here but every time I look I cannot see it. Feel like maybe im missing something.

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Like I completely understand the ideas of autonomous communities controlling their own gatekeeping rather than relying on Big Platforms, but surely theres better ways of doing this than via 'proof of wealth'. This all prompted by the FWB stuff over the last few days.

@autophagy I think good things just take time to develop, while hype doesn't. Hype (sometimes) funds the real development.

Cool things I'm aware of: Decentralized high availability censorship-resistant commodised perma-storage (arweave), carbon-credits-as-currency (klima), and proof of stake smart contracts (cardano) all totally exist, but two of the things I just mentioned only went online like, literally this week.

And klima is still running on ethereum (but will switch to polygon later).

@faun Totally! I think my heuristics for seperating out hype + boosterism from genuinely interesting/novel stuff is just not very developed in this area.

Thanks for the list of projects though, arweave looks super interesting in particular. I suppose eth is supposed to switch to PoS 'soon' but I think every time I've looked it's always 6 months away 😅

@autophagy Same reason I'm avoiding it currently. There's gotta be good stuff happening, but the signal to noise ratio is too high.

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