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So, MWF my acro parter @RussSharek and I open up our living room at 8pm UTC-6 (Dallas time) to a jitsi call at We practice acrobatics, and take a break from the crazy that is the world for several hours. Everyone is welcome to join us! Do whatever it is you feel like doing, and chat with others in a safe space to take that break. Fridays we open up an hour earlier for a coffee and chat hour. I use to announce when the room opens. Feel free to drop by!

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time :) I'm an , , (like, actually, professionally). I am learning more about how to fix and build things, and continuing to play and create using free and open software.

Coffee Time!! ..ok yeah, I know it's late in the day for that, but my day is just starting :D
Join us for the Emperor Norton Coffee hour, and after!

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Join us for the Emperor Norton Coffee hour, the Friday night kick-off to the #CircusInPlace video chat.

We'll be there to socialize starting at 8pm UTC-5, and doing our thing into the wee hours.

Look forward to seeing you there. :)

Just bought another alphasmart. My last one was stolen, most likely by a high school student that was probably very dissapointed that there wasn't a Nintendo Switch in the bag labled NES. lol
Looking forward to having a distraction free writing option that doesn't mean I have to re-type things I've already written out.

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Anyone have a good alternative to Goodreads?

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Anyone in the #raleigh area helped out or have experience with #FoodNotBombs? They seem like a really cool org with a good mission.

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Still having minimal energy due to my recent bout with covid, but last night I managed to do my first handstand since I injured my wrists in April!!
First Coffee Handstand since that point today!!

time :D I'm gonna try to do some upsidedownness at some point during the evening.
wish me luck! (and come hang out, it'll be more fun with you there!)

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Join the shenanigans in the #CircusInPlace video chat tonight starting at 8pm UTC-5.

The company is excellent, and could only be improved by your attendance. <3

@RussSharek Thank you all for joining us! It was a lovely night. See y'all later!

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Hey folks! I'm doing a handmade "art toy" show in Ellijay, GA in October.

You can find all the details on our website

We still[ have room for a few more artists to participate. If you make toys, or toy adjacent things, and you'd like to attend (or send us some stuff to sell on your behalf), reach out, I'd love to have you.

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Pop by the #CircusInPlace video chat tonight and wish me a happy birthday!

We'll be in the chat starting at 8pm UTC-5.

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Covid testing changes 

Everyone in my family except for me tested negative for covid on the home tests and one tested negative on a PCR. All of us were sick with the same bug.

My wife tested positive 3 days later on another PCR test. My kid finally tested positive a day later on a home kit.

This latest iteration of covid doesn't seem to be picked up as easily by testing protocols.

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"What if instead of an application, we had humans do the driving for you?"

You just invited chauffeurs.

"No, I mean like as an on demand thing."

You just invented cabs.

"No, I mean let's share it so you only need to go to easily identified pickup points."

Like public transit?

"No! I mean for long distances without all the agony of airports."

So, high speed rail.

".....why do you hate innovation?"

ph- (covid) 

Btw, I took multiple at home antigen tests, which all were negative.
The nurse I spoke to also said that the latest varient isn't showing positive on antigen tests.
If you can, get a PCR test done the moment you show symptoms. A sore throat and then a general *ick* feeling was all I had for the first couple of days (during which I spread it to at least one person that I know of).
This isn't over, keep being careful.

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ph- (covid) 

Took an antibody test after worsening symptoms on this first crud in more than 2 years. It was positive.
From what I've been able to guess, I caught it while wearing an N95, from my Occupational Therapist, who was wearing her required mask (not an N95), either as she came down with, or as she started recovering from, what she decided was just bad allergies, or a cold (she did not get tested).
If at all posible, wear a N95 when around people. Please!

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ph- (covid) 

In the meantime, to whomever needs to hear it:

This pandemic is not over.
You're not irrational for keeping your guard up.
If someone tells you otherwise, tell them to go sit on a tack.


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when the moon hits your knees
and you mispronounce trees

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