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So, MWF my acro parter @RussSharek and I open up our living room at 8pm UTC-5 (Dallas time) to a jitsi call at We practice acrobatics, and take a break from the crazy that is the world for several hours. Everyone is welcome to join us! Do whatever it is you feel like doing, and chat with others in a safe space to take that break. Fridays we open up an hour earlier for a coffee and chat hour. I use to announce when the room opens. Feel free to drop by!

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time :) I'm an , , (like, actually, professionally). I am learning more about how to fix and build things, and continuing to play and create using free and open software.

covid adjacent, "new normal" feels 

Today I went to the library.
I went inside the library.
A human being that I don't know handed me a book I'd put on hold.

This is the first "place" I've been in in more than a year.
I'm weirdly proud of what I chose as my first "place"
And I'm looking forward to doing this again soon :)

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Hey, fedi!

I'd like to write a blog/gemlog post about positive experiences from open source contributions. And by that I mean I want to hear your stories, and publish them as CC0 along with my own :)

Bring it on! (Boosts are of course welcome)

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If you can read this, you're halfway through the week and only a few hours away from the #CircusInPlace video chat!

Hang in there, and then come hang out there with us. :)

Starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Thank you all for joining us! We made it through the night with no weather related issues! See you again Wednesday!

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This is your reminder that is happening tonight at 8pm UTC -5! I normally post as we open the chat, but due to some technical complications I won't be doing so tonight. The clowns have some rough weather warnings, so we may end up having to step out for a while. But hopefully we'll have a whatever passes for a "normal" night there instead! Looking forward to seeing you all!

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Kick off your week with an evening of #CircusInPlace silliness!

The fun starts at 8pm UTC-5:

I just watched Batman sing Orange Coloured Sky.

Old hollywood palace episode, was absolutely bonkers.
cw: it's from 1966..

Well, as the hard drive I was running debian on has decided to fail on me, and OpenBSD 6.9 has released.. I guess I'm gonna run the drive I'd switched to OpenBSD on as my daily and see if I can make it work for me. I'd already planned to do that once 6.9 dropped, but I guess the world wanted to take away options to procrastinate lol.Time to try something new :)

Thank you all for joining us! See you next week :)

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Since my comic "daily story" doesn't have any text besides alt text it was a little hard to communicate this and I've heard people get it mixed up so I thought I'd say outright that the canonical way to refer to both characters is by using they/them pronouns.

It's time for Emperor Norton Coffee Hour! Join us for a chat before :) see you there!!

frustration, spoilers(ish), Arrows Of the Queen book series 

Gahh.. I keep going back and re-reading this series and forgetting that the third book is just a hot mess of people with lots of emotions flat out refusing to *USE THEIR WORDS* and I'm invested in the story and can't stop reading it (just how my brain works), but it's frustrating and anxiety inducing. I love the series otherwise, but yuck. When one decent conversation could clear up most if not all of the drama.. frustrating

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Tonight The Emperor Norton Coffee Hour returns to #CircusInPlace!

Join us an hour early for coffee, clowns, and conversation. Usual shenanigans to follow.

The fun starts at 7pm UTC-5:

And it's time for ! I'm gonna press the post button now so I've actually made this announcement!

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Someone has experience painting bike's carbon frame at home?

I was thinking on painting it matte black and so far my steps will be:

1) Disassemble & clean bike.
2) Sand it with P220-240.
3) Apply masking tape to parts that are not being painted.
4) Paint with black epoxy primer.

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Come hang out in our #CircusInPlace video chat tonight starting at 8pm UTC-5:

I'll be there with @avalon practicing acrobatic things.

See you there!

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