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Has anyone written a call blocking script for sxmo yet?
Specifically, has anyone figured out how to keep an incoming call from a specific number from leaving you a voicemail?
Someone's leaving me distressing messages, and it's ruining my ability to enjoy having a phone.
I want this to be a fun device, not a stress machine.
(and yes, I know some carriers can handle this, not mine, it just directs you to some android apps)

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So it looks like what I was hoping to do really has to be done server side. I have used a combination of call forwarding and a VOIP service to accomplish my primary goal here.
Additionally, it looks like a 'block list' is being added to what looks like the next release of sxmo, I think they've only implemented a 'block text' functionality with it so far, but I bet someone writes up an expantion of that fuctionality to calls soon :)

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@avalon hmm, I'm not sure how possible this is? There used to be SIM applications that would adjust your voicemail number but
1) can you access these from pine phone?
2) are they even still enabled?

Since voicemail is handled at the carrier level and works when your phone is off

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@avalon voicemail is at the whim of your carrier, unfortunately

but maybe there's a potential thing: when a call comes in from the number the phone can pick it up and then immediately hang up, this prevents it from going to voicemail hopefully
idk of anything that does this atm but i have a pinephone and i can help out if u want. it seems doable with mmcli calls in bash potentially

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@haskal @avalon you know you're running a Linux phone when you can solve your telephony problems with a bash script :blobcatcool:

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