Happy Non-Binary People's Day!
According to wikipedia, the date was chosen for being precisely between International Men's Day and International Women's Day.
Which begs the question, does that make today a Gender Equinox?

This implies there should be two non binary days... :breadthink:

@avalon interestingly enough, womens day and mens day are not on opposite sides of the year. Both are closer to winter than to summer.

@wmd I didn't actually look, but I had a feeling that they probably weren't on opposite sides of the year. Throws a wrench in my equinox theory, but it was a fun idea none-the-less lol

@avalon, I think it still works. Just that gender winter is shorter and gender summer. I'm ok with that ;)

@avalon Can't you just picture the dude who started International Men's Day?

@avalon Omg should be one on the other side of the year too.

@maloki @avalon so one for nonbinary genders and the other for agender people?

@avalon this is a rather binary definition of non-binary day. but more so wouldn’t an “equinox” imply binary-ness?

The "here's a 3rd gender box" idea is problematic, true. I'm playing with what others have built, and the solstices and equinoxes are indicative of how much of something we have, of a range. One solstice for the most sunlight in the day, and one for the least, the equinoxes indicate the middle points between those two extremes. Given how those days look very different in different places (distance from equator), it struck me as a particularly non-binary bit of fun thought.

@avalon oh that's a nice way of thinking about it. thanks for taking the time to explain :3v:

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