Wish that more technology was focused on maintenance and care, rather than change and growth

We need the equivalent of the Superfund program for software

Read a blog post from 2008 that said all the html mail archive viewers aren’t great. Read a suckless proposal suggesting someone make one from 2012. 2021 and situation is unchanged. Seems enough people have given up on mailing lists that there aren’t enough resources to maintain something. Maybe this would have been different if there was a better tool earlier

People love to do bodyweight workouts in the middle of the day at dolores park

Spent last night reading research papers from programming language conferences to see if anyone has written a language that gets me excited about programming again

Interested in reading more journalism by Paris Marx -- noting here for myself and others parismarx.com/

it’s wild that the best woman chess player of all time was the daughter of an educational psychologist who used his children as an experiment to prove that genius could be taught, and simply selected chess as a vehicle for that thesis

best practices for UX design and product design are derived from commercial production of software, where software is a commodity. I think FOSS needs a different approach towards these disciplines

I post this because I hope someone will post some obscure draft RFC from like 2004 that implements this

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I find it somewhat odd that every single website basically ultimately depends on email as a source for authentication, but there is no widely used oauth-like service to log in with email and no password

Someone is welcome to fork my code but I think a much better place to start is ted unangst’s Honk


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The problem is that it’s hard to build a community when 1% of people in that community have to be linux sysadmins. It limits you to a single kind of demographic

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I worked on an activitypub server last year where the idea was that each server was a shared community, you would network with a handful of other communities of similar scale (100-1000 users) instead of individual users. I think this is a better model for federation bc it is focused on human scale communities sustained by personal connection

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Local and federated timelines are core and essential features and Mastodon would be worse without them.

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