was reading this in dolores park and a stranger pulled out a copy and said they just started and asked what I thought of it

this was very good. heartwarming, odd, and at times insightful.

@aw Sounds intriguing. What *do* you think of it?

@irimi1 i really enjoy it but I’ve also read 7 of his books, most of which are autobiographical. Hard to imagine reading this one stand-alone.

@exquisitecorp very good if you liked taipei. Similar in form, completely different in content (just hanging out w his parents and reading kooky nonfiction books)

@aw sounds good! completely unrelated but have you read Karl Ove Knaussgard? I tried to get into it but couldn't except for his incredible reporting on traveling in the US for the New York Times.


@exquisitecorp i read part of my struggle book 1 and enjoyed it but never got around to finishing it

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