Haven’t owned a car in 6 years

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@aw liberating, isn't it? easier to do in some places more than others. i only owned one from 2007 - 2010 but it didn't work too well (30 year old vw van that i learned to drive stick shift on! 😂 )

@aw approaching 2 years for me. Really don’t want to get another one.

@aw has there been anytime you wished you had a car in the past 6 years? Or better said: has there been a time where the desire to have a car outweighed your desire to stay carless?

Recently got rid of mine but am using my partner’s, but essentially needed a car for work up until the last year or so

@milofultz I've lived in major cities where IMO a car would be a burden for intra-city transportation. however, I do think it'd be nice to have for road trips / longer travel

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