I think we could use more innovation in the text markup space. Is markdown really the endgame

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@aw what do you find missing from markdown (or needing improvement)? (not a loaded/leading question, promise)

@klardotsh i don’t know exactly but 1. Doesn’t compile to html ( is its own language ) and 2. One single unambiguous standard would be nice. I could be wrong though, it may be “good enough “ as is

@aw gemtext then? or asciidoc (which, while it can compile to HTML, is far less tied to it than Markdown's "oh if you can't represent it in real Markdown just write the raw HTML, it's valid")

@aw it's not super... clear to me at a first (biased, because I've been a markdown guy since long before it "won" over rst/asciidoc way back when), really, but also exists and may be up that alley for ya?

@aw @klardotsh Markdown "winning" over reStructuredText is one of the best examples of "worse is better" I know of. RST targets multiple formats, has a single standard, and a proper grammar while also allowing for extensions within that framework. But, hey, why don't write your own? I have done so many toy markup languages, and it's pretty fun and sometimes useful. An example:

Arguably, HTML is the endgame, because it's the markup to which all other markup languages are rendered. There are tools to compile Markdown, XML, JSON, and LaTeX to HTML or into something an HTML browser can render in the DOM.

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