updated my finger client to support finger:// URIs

going to email the author of this draft spec, which was written 26 years ago. together, I believe we can get it finalized and continue the revival

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He emailed me back: “ I note that there is still a strong chance of failure, but I suspect there is a moderate chance of success.”

Let’s do this

@aw i never really understood the finger protocol. is it basically a way to query /about-type information at a specific resource?

@cblgh well, technically, it’s a simple protocol where you send a string and get back some plain text, so you could call it a gopher precursor since it doesn’t specify gopher maps. All it has is a main directory. Culturally, the resources are people names, and the text contains info about them, and their plan. In my case, I let the gopher server answer the finger port. 😅 @aw

@cblgh @aw finger originates from a time where lots of people had accounts on the same Unix system.

With 'finger username' you could get infos about another user including room or telephone number. Until today, /etc/passwd has gecos fields (see for exactly that purpose. Try running finger on your own user.

Additionally, you could query .plan and .project files which contained things people were working on. Like old school mastodon :D

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