finished the first draft of my 0-dependency rust library to convert HTML to plain text:

(basically just copied a Go library that does the same thing)

an alternative to a library with 43 runtime dependencies and 74 build dependencies:

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this is for crabmail:

adding that library would have more than doubled the size of the dependency tree

i want to believe lighter-weight rust applications are possible

@aw This looks really awesome! Though there may be something weird about the git setup? I can't seem to clone the repo

@aw Compiles in less than two seconds 🙌 Well done :D

@awildthorp and people say rust has slow compile times!

@aw > an alternative to a library with 43 runtime dependencies and 74 build dependencies

Every time I try to pick up Rust, I bounce off it's horrifying library ecosystem. It's good to see some pushback there, as the language itself is interesting.

@tfb I think there are a couple of mitigating factors here --

1. rust doesn't have a large standard library, so things like time handling or base64 encoding are in 3rd party crates
2. rust is statically linked -- if you think about the dependencies of a c program that links to open ssl, they are pretty numerous

I do agree though, and I've been working on a collection of some tools which counter this trend --

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