Sometimes I read posts from mailing lists that are over 20 years old. Almost no technology is built today with that longevity in mind.

@aw Ah thats interesting, which tech is? 🤔

@neauoire @aw Ok, we should probably refine tech to software tech, to make it harder. 🙄 🤔 😂 👍

@aw App idea: a mailing list combined with a classic internet forum - you just include one additional mail in CC and it puts all responses in a text file and generates a static webpage, containing mailto links that allow for other people to participate.

@borko the code is a mess and I'm working on a partial rewrite, so I haven't promoted it much. but I'm excited abt the idea

@aw Drat, I messed it up, meant to post this in Introductions, but my system does not handle the mailto links properly and I wrote up the URL manually, but didn't see that I should include the topic as a subject.

@borko what system are you using for mailto links?

I stuff a lot of headers in there and different clients are able to handle a different subset

@aw It's not you, I just saw that protonmail doesn't handle any mailto links :(

@aw Just fixed the link and it now works, but it only catches the address :(

@borko hmm it’s good to know that one of the big mail providers doesn’t handle this well. Gmail doesn’t grab everything but includes subject/email/body. And i know its hard to setup imap with protonmail too

@aw Actually it *does* work, the issue is that it expects *cc* and *subject* in lowercase. Found it after checking this tutorial:

@aw Some feature ideas.
- Add the ability to delete a post (can by by sending a response containing magic string)
- Add user profiles.

I can help you, if you need contributors ;)

@borko you work with Rust? here's the repo -- if you're interested I can help get you up to speed with the codebase and share my TODO list

@aw not currently, but I will check it and let you know.

@aw Went through the repo, looks undestandable, but I have no experience with setting up the other part of the infrastructure, can you maybe include an example maildir that I can use to run the project without installing/configuring other stuff?

@borko this guide may be helpful, it is somewhat incomplete.

I’ll add some sample emails to the repo too when i get home

@borko Here's a TODO with some of the stuff I'm working on. LMK if you want to pick something up

@aw Sorry, they seem too advanced for me, will see if I can start with something simpler.

@borko I’m working on a big rewrite, that should leave a few smaller tasks left over. It’ll take me a few weeks though

@aw OK, ping me when you are finished with that and I will start exploring ;)

@aw Subject and body works, there is a problem with CC - looks like only the name of the participant is displayed.

Also, body newlines:

@borko I can fix the cc problem, but the email body one might be a protonmail bug. Even apple didn’t get it right until recently

@borko i wonder if it’s a \r\n vs \n thing. I’m out at the moment but i can try when i get back

@borko oh weird, I recently changed that bc I thought it was the opposite. I'll revert my change.

@aw I'm not even sure it was built with longevity in mind. Turns out simplicity in design and features gives easiness in archival, transcription and reuse. But simplicity in design and features is antithetical with profit, and most technology is created by profit-seeking orgs.
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