Anyone had a chance to look at the hare programming language? Any thoughts?

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@aw Sieht sehr nach #golang aus. Tagged unions sind nett, error handling sieht auch etwas besser aus. Hat die Sprache generics? Sehe jetzt nach 5 Minuten rüberschauen nicht so viele Vorteile das sind ein Umstieg lohnt. Aber trotzdem cool 👍

@leobm Danke. Ist es sehr besser als C? Warum Hare über C? entschuldigung, Ich can nur ein bissen Deutch schrieben.

Ahhh so sorry not noticed. i read english so automatically now that sometimes i don't even realize that i should be replying in english. 😂

@leobm haha Ich habe glücklich ein bissen Deutsch ins Uni studieren.

Well, such a language is still low level enough to interface with existing C code, but makes many things easier that are complicated with C. The standard library looks quite nice too. Honestly, I haven't heard of this language yet. I would probably consider #vlang, #nim or #rust as alternatives if you don't like #golang. Although I think #golang is actually quite good. It can also do generics, you can compile to #WASM or #Javscript. And there is also #TinyGo, which is also quite ingenious.

@leobm i use Go professionally. Pretty much everything i do in my side projects is in Rust

@aw @leobm If you're looking for a comparison with C, there's this blog post If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the IRC channel, wir freuen uns auf euch! :D

@aw Das Bunny als Maskottchen ist aber schon mal cool

@aw Doesn't seem like it brings much of anything to the table to me. Additionally, the main reason I use C is portability reasons, and Hare has proudly announced it's not portable.

@opfez for me the selling point may be Simplicity. How much simpler it is than C 🤔. I do agree though, i think a lot of C like languages suffer from, well this is clearly better than C but is it enough better to abandon C? Only Rust seems to have been able to plausibly argue that so far

@opfez @aw Yeah that portability note is bizarre to me, DD used to advocate for portability at almost any cost.

Anyway OP, my take on Hare is it's what happens when a religious C adherent looks at Zig, says "that does too much" (which you could maybe argue about the compiler), and then decides what to remove by a combination of counting compiler LOC plus some D20 rolls. It seems to work, it's *fine* I presume, I just have no reason whatsoever to care it exists. I'm proud of them for trying tho

@klardotsh what languages most interest you right now?

@aw all greenfield projects at work I do in Rust, my personal projects are split between Rust and Zig, but my intention is to start writing personal stuff in my own language (gluumy) soon now that some of the basics are coming up. that takes its influence primarily from Forth, Factor, Lua, the Sorbet type system for Ruby, and (in the back of my mind for future ideas) Pony.

from pure curiosity's perspective I also find Mercury and Idris fascinating, if both somewhat complex.

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