its kind of wild when I see an anarchist group with a website and it's hosted on wix or squarespace

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If I had a penny for every anarchist group that only organises their stuff on facebook, I'd have enough to pay the hosting fees for their website

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I have had the same reaction, but I haven’t yet learned how to do the sysadmin stuff I'm expecting them to learn to do, or somehow pay for (whether in money or mutual aid). I also remember what it's like to just need to organize stuff on the ground, using whatever tools are easily available.

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Yeah, evening offering free hosting doesn't help. But then again, even if stuff like and the fediverse with all it's tools etc exist. They keep using facebook. That's where everyone is.

(Great appreciation to all the ones that do make an effort to use alternatives).

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I do also tend to compare it to vegetarianism and veganism. Once those where obscure and uncommon in the scene. People wanting vegetarian/vegan food where considered difficult, people didn't have time and resources to make them something separate, and everyone else was eating meat. It took a lot of time and effort to move to different standards.

Even if you want to reach the normies, if you care, provide the 'vegan dish', also announce your shit elsewhere.

@wmd Gratis hosting is often not sustainable. Many of us have been burned by situations where enthusiasts lost their enthusiasm, or hit some life chaos, or ran out of money for hosting costs, and services we were encouraged to depend on are suddenly gone. I think it's worth the risk and the extra effort. But I get that some people don't. Others just work on a 'use their own tools against them' kind of logic.

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