what if Gemini had a community-run alternative DNS root? allow for free .gem registration or something

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@aw better to join Opennic or simply hosting over tor or i2p. Actually, it would be could to start using Gemini over i2p

@werwolf @aw I ran an OpenNic server for a few years myself and had a .oss domain alongside my regular .org domain. My only issue was that other servers would come and go from time to time, including the name servers that mine was peering with once or twice. I still love the idea, and have never thought it was a good decision to have a corporation (Icann) in control of the global dns root. Goes totally against the superior of freedom that used to exist on the web.

@werwolf @aw the Opennic project would most likely be open to the addition of a .gem or .gmi tld to their root, given sufficient interest. They already have a .gopher, and quote a number of other specialty tld's. At one point there was even a .fur tld for furries. I'm down with the idea myself.

@jeang3nie @aw yeah that's what came to my mind when I read about a Gemini tld. I think it would be a great addition to Opennic. And it would perfectly fit the Gemini spirit of a more indie and less corporate internet.

@werwolf @aw from a practical standpoint someone would have to commit to setting it up, and this means a good solid connection and a beefy machine. Public DNS gets hit hard, and ddos attempts go with the territory, so it's not something to jump into without some thought and skill.

@aw Heck, yeah! Maybe registrations could made via a postcard or letter? Something to make it both more calm and less interesting to squatters.

@aw @alcinnz why though? Gemini has its own service port (1965), it plays just fine on a domain or subdomain that's on the standard DNS root, why add another layer of complexity? What does it get anyone?

@darrenpmeyer Presumably because @aw doesn't like renting domain names... And really its a configuration change, not more software complexity.

@alcinnz @aw it's more complexity for the end user; "to visit my site, use this software _and change your DNS config_" is a bit much

It's more complexity for operators: a novel registrar and DNS config to manage

It's more complexity overall: a DNS tree to keep up, scale reasonably, keep sufficiently secure, etc. for a reasonable time horizon

@alcinnz @darrenpmeyer Specifically: I started reading about how corrupted ICANN is and how many of the TLDs are run by rent-seeking vampires

@aw ive been making my own DNS server that just has a big list of it’s own records, which are given upon request by email.

maybe i could clean it up and like.. make it a thing

@owocean what software do you use? I hear there are a lot of difficulties doing this on the public internet

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