Anyone know of any nonprofit/co-op cloud hosting or shared on premises hosting located in the Bay Area?

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@scott I'm emailing them to ask if I can put my raspberry pi in the mission location haha

@aw ha i love picturing a tiny raspberry pi in a big cooled colocation facility

@scott I'm thinking of running it on my residential network but mostly I'm paranoid about security! (somewhat irrationally)

@aw i can understand that paranoia. hard to be too careful these days given how many bots are slamming servers on the hunt for holes. i once ran a laptop owncloud server for some time from home but the dynamic dns and occasional reasons for shutdowns became too much of an issue that colocation would have solved.

@aw uber is a nonprofit, may have some free space...

(i actually haven't checked in a while, I know they were technically profitable a year or so ago, for one quarter)

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