finished deleuze's "nietzsche and philosophy" -- a great read

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@aw was it a... difficult read? I started Anti-Oedipus but I can't imagine finishing it, much as I want to.

@chorist I also started with anti-oedipus and got some stuff out of it but found it 90% incomprehensible. read a lot of secondary material and was encouraged to go back to his pre-AO work (where he introduces a lot of terminology/themes and his approach). I have a decent background with Nietzsche and found N+P not too hard to follow at all. Deleuze's work on other philosophers is far, far easier to read than his solo work and capitalism+schizophrenia

I plan on reading spinoza and his book on spinoza then trying to tackle AO again

@aw thanks. I’ll add it to my Bookwyrm. My Nietschze is limited but it sounds like I’ll probably at least get further. :)

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