alright, going to start on this project. with family this week so probably won't be able to do much for a while, but I think there's something here

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@aw I approve of flying too close to the sun.

- Write out why not multiple recipients: otherwise it's the first thing people will want to add.
- Write out why no envelope for binary blobs: otherwise it's the second thing people will want to add.
- Write out why gemtext: otherwise people will want to extend it, add Markdown and AsciiDoc and HTML support and mimetypes, and...
- Write out why no TLS or other handshake.
- Address format should probably not look like email?

@aw It seems to me the GETKEY should also validate that the content is correct, not just user.

Like: SEND says "hey, has mail for, subject this, body SHA1 is this", after which can do a FETCH of that from

So spam DNS "proves" it actually comes from alice, and receiver doesn't have to store bodies from unknown senders until human decides to read them. (This should not be considered a "read" receipt!)

...and you can batch those FETCHes.

@aw Uh. I know you're going to hate this (I kinda do...), but doesn't this (idea of send+get something) map directly to POST and GET.

Is there actually a benefit of using a custom protocol instead of stuffing this into HTTP?

@nikodemus same reasons as gemini basically
1. http is really complex
2. http is overloaded to do basically everything these days
3. I like the novelty of non-HTTP protocols: novelty that has basically been lost. think
4. allows server to run on non-privileged ports
5. this is basically a toy. it isn't meant to "solve" email in any practical sense (that would be impossible)

@nikodemus don't see any reason this needs to be in the spec. bandwidth and compute is cheap, just truncate it if you need to.

@nikodemus this verification wouldn't be dns based. an email from would have to be from a server that runs on at port 1999. this simplifies things. I talk about this very briefly in the doc

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