the fact that seemingly every website requires I create an account to view things makes me want to withdraw further from the internet

I wonder if anyone has put together a regex or something to strip out inaccessible use of Unicode

Wish that more technology was focused on maintenance and care, rather than change and growth

We need the equivalent of the Superfund program for software

Read a blog post from 2008 that said all the html mail archive viewers aren’t great. Read a suckless proposal suggesting someone make one from 2012. 2021 and situation is unchanged. Seems enough people have given up on mailing lists that there aren’t enough resources to maintain something. Maybe this would have been different if there was a better tool earlier

People love to do bodyweight workouts in the middle of the day at dolores park

@neauoire It would be a long process but could be fun 🤔. Right now I’m a bit burnt out on computing in general, want to spend more time with books and in nature & find a balance that works for me.

Spent last night reading research papers from programming language conferences to see if anyone has written a language that gets me excited about programming again

@fedor I’ve done a bit of it! I’m kind of tired of Rust lately, but i appreciate the memory safety

@kensanata yeah unfortunately with rust the best way to get the compiler working is curl bash.

@kensanata good luck! Let me know if you have any questions. As you can tell it’s still pretty early in development.

@kensanata ah that’s embarrassing lol. I’ll try and debug the issue after work. If you wanna clone it you can use the github mirror for now

@kensanata oh yeah the configuration of mygit is much simpler as well. I remember being confused by that when I tried to set up cgit

@kensanata @michel_slm if you’re happy with cgit no reason to change. My reasons are 1. I don’t like the user interface (found it too cluttered, sometimes confusing, mobile unfriendly) and 2. The web server I use (Caddy) doesn’t support CGI.

@kensanata what do you use for mailing list software? I’m working on some tools for this workflow, eg

Interested in reading more journalism by Paris Marx -- noting here for myself and others

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