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*makes a backup of everything I've worked on these past two years, source files and and binaries*


@neauoire excited for this! I’m taking a break from side projects while I’m in New York but I have some ideas I wanna try out when I’m back (especially around UF)

@neauoire Ah, what I mean is like, will I be able to load a standard uxn/varvara rom into this somehow? Or would it have to be specifically written to target the OS?

@neauoire trying to understand this -- all the functionality has to be written into the OS I assume? ie, no loading other distinct ROMs from within the OS?

@earthling @neauoire basically a warehouse that accepts mail for you, and can scan it for you and send you digital copies. I used one of them for a bit. kind of like a private, remote PO box. can't endorse any particular service necessarily

@neauoire have you ever used a virtual mailbox service? (or do you use one now?)

@tomasino right. only am certain because one world trade center, which I know I am north of, is to my left

I like working in public but working on a laptop feels distant and asocial, especially in San Francisco. Maybe i could write code by hand and transcribe it later

Went to a bookstore and they were using a TUI inventory management system which is apparently an industry standard

Going to be in New York for the next month if any New Yorkers want to meet up!

Found a super old iphone from my building’s “free stuff” pile. Wonder if you could get uxn running on this thing

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Every time I see a dev with a decked out computer with LED lights, colorful fans, glowing tubes all sorts of shits sticking out of the thing, without miss, they write bloated as fuck slow programs.

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If we called it “applied statistics” instead of “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence” we’d probably get fewer people asking if the computer is alive.

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unix was theoretically a sensible design relative to its original intentions. it (and its derivatives) are horrific candidates for your personal operating system when considering any reason other than: they are available.

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"A growing forth program would tend to absorb its own dictionary of primitives into its expanding store of neologisms, until the system itself would barely resemble any other so constructed. It is as if all "human natural languages" were to be absorbed into their speakers' "idiolects"."

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really enjoyed this deleuzian analysis of the forth programming language that I happened upon (you can read for free with a jstor account)

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