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Sometimes i wonder what the spambots that sign up for would do if I approved their accounts

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We should have a moonshot investment to figure out if P=NP

Are numbers real? Do they exist outside of the human mind?

Listened to a podcast where the interviewee was like, what does it mean for a mathematical proof to be valid? It’s that highly trained but still fallible mathematicians read the proof and didn’t find any errors

I think my ideal career would be to do absolutely zero stakes mathematics

Reading a vox article about high speed rail and was surprised to see a quote from someone I went on a date with 5 years ago

Getting deep into 0.999… = 1 wikipedia

writing really bad rust code (the only kind of rust code I ever write)

Has anyone read nadia eghbal’s “working in public”?

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sdvent of code 2019: intcode hell
advent of code 2020: string parsing hell
excited for the new hell this year

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trying to complain and rant less. "I do not want to accuse; I do not even want to accuse those who accuse. Looking away shall be my only negation." -nietzsche

I should do advent of code 2021 in f*

Listening to nirvana - nevermind in Seattle

This is way beyond me. I listened to one podcast episode about formal verification. I am linking it here and will look into it more later.

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@vortex_egg @requiem

"There’s this iron triangle of House-Car-Job, and the entire landscape is structured so you have to have all three or your life falls apart. People have to be creative in escaping from there."

Sometimes it feels liek tech is building up this new layer of prison around the iron triangle.

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