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it's wild to me that in 1939 san francisco made an island for the world's fair. (treasure island)

The Pokémon red/blue disassembly is really incredible. I played around with it a while ago and it’s extremely readable assembly code

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Operating system discourse 

@bulkington I disagree. I'm a UX designer who can't code *at all*, but I pushed myself (and push others) to use Linux. Why? Because it's the only free operating system. It's harder to use, true, but it's the only way to actually have control of your computer(s) and not hand it over to some fucking capitalists who *will* sell you out for profit.

This is why it's important that Linux becomes easier to use and more accessible, because it should be part of a much larger push towards freedom, and alternative structures that can pull people out of the constant manipulation and abuse by corporations.

How do you explain gemini to a non technical person? No using the word “protocol”

Thinking about how we use a 7 segment display to represent numbers 0 to 9 when we could use it to represent 0 to 127

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RABBITS RABBITS RABBITS 🐰 (also, datetime device has been implemented, performance is much better on the sansa, and some timing issues have been fixed. but most importantly, 🐰🐰🐰)

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If anyone is interested in hosting their own instance , I will gladly help out with the setup pro bono

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Been getting some really interesting folks contact me abt flounder lately. Gemini seems to be expanding beyond its initial audience of fringe tech people, which is very exciting

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“Once, men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”

Excerpt From
Frank Herbert's Dune - 1965

It blows my fuckin mind that Frank Herbert saw this coming.

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I think we'll see increasingly clear and well defined differences between the corporate web and community internet.

More and more tech created to be intrinsically anti-corporate & pro-community, as well as clear declarations of non-participation in corporate shenanigans.

I feel the original web is effectively dead, but that doesn't matter as long as we just carry on building things better in its place.


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someone on the sidewalk in downtown san francisco was DJing with a very old lenovo thinkpad

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