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this is for crabmail:

adding that library would have more than doubled the size of the dependency tree

i want to believe lighter-weight rust applications are possible

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finished the first draft of my 0-dependency rust library to convert HTML to plain text:

(basically just copied a Go library that does the same thing)

an alternative to a library with 43 runtime dependencies and 74 build dependencies:

does anyone know why git-send-email is preferred to git-request-pull? the latter seems preferable to me in terms of UX

Trying to avoid getting in arguments about tech online and instead focus on building things which actively affirm my argument

my friend had some q's about homesteading on the crabmail mailing list if anyone had feedback:

this was a fun read:

Wordle 199 6/6


if you give to their patreon, you can "adopt an element" which means getting your name in the class list for that element lol

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reading email RFCs reminds me that the foundation of our civilization is not reason but rather madness

the only way to get around the fact that SEO has destroyed search engines is to do something so niche that only a genuine subject matter expert would write about it.

@neauoire have you ever talked to jenny odell personally? she wrote about mastodon but I haven't found her on the fediverse anywhere

I still see jenny odell's "how to do nothing" front and center at a number of SF bookstores, nearly 3 years after its release

should a web page be dark mode or light mode by default

I like reading plaintext documentation. It reminds me of being in middle school and reading text documents on how to perform pokemon glitches

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