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How you used to get people looking at your website before "going viral" was a thing, in the Web 1.0 days when people surfed the information superhighway by clicking on links to go from site to site.

1. The "Links" page! Every site had a page that was just links to other websites that the site owner thought were cool. You could email other site owners whose sites you thought were cool and ask if they thought your site was cool too, and they'd link back to you.

Once you get past the weird stuff email is actually very good. And there’s new specs to deal with a lot of the weird stuff

software needs to move away from a product mindset and more towards a tool mindset. a product mindset will lead to a large piece of software that tries to do everything and isolates itself from the wider ecosystem. a tool mindset means that software will be a small, appropriate tool for a single task that complements other tools.

most software, even open source software, is built by businesses building a product, and so its easy to mimic their design, and hard to develop alternatives

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"Terry Davis was right: the next temple, church, and bible is a computer. The computing systems of the future will be religions. The religions of the future will be computing systems. The only way to solve our social and spiritual problems is with a new computer operating system. But designing a new computer system and converting its followers is not just a matter of mundane engineering. It is a matter of culture. It is a matter of divine revelation."

software is interesting because you don't have to be better than everyone else at it. you just have to have a combination of ideas that is different than anyone else's and the will to execute on it. and you can do it without many resources

Dreamt about coding in forth last night

"Forth may not be the ultimate language. But I believe the ultimate
language, if such a thing is possible, will more closely resemble Forth than any
other contemporary language." 🤔

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One thing is clear: the dream/temptation to "scale up" is poison. But it's unclear what's left. We end up with a few people scattered in a humongous state space mostly building stuff for ourselves, nibbling at the margins of the software industrial complex, while unable to actually extricate ourselves from it.

You can have both kinds of software, the kind that's unreliable because the authors are indifferent/malicious or the kind that's unreliable because the authors don't have enough support.

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if I wanted, I could probably cut out everything except mail-parser and nanotemplate, but the benefits of doing so are pretty marginal and it would require a lot of copy/pasting from dependencies

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Current dependency tree for my rust mailing list archive project. Clean release build takes 20 seconds on my laptop

├── anyhow
├── linkify
│ └── memchr
├── mail-builder
├── mail-parser
├── nanotemplate
├── once_cell
└── urlencoding

It's still ~rust~ but I'm pretty happy with this.

not to be unhinged and evil, but maybe format=flowed makes sense outside of the context of just plaintext email

Thinking about how mathematical discoveries alone could destroy the cryptography that underlies all of our computer infrastructure

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