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"To a forth programmer, if a problem is worth doing on a computer at all, it is worth doing on a computer well" (starting forth)

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A Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator for !
Takes an hour to render the mandelbroth, haha.

It’s wild how little open source software is in forth. Ok the order of 100s github projects

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Felix Winkelmann implemented a standard , in .

It works amazingly well, it even supports the full Varvara APIs, so it can be used to draw shapes and play music!


Anyone read "Internet for the People: The Fight for Our Digital Future"? this review makes it seem somewhat compelling, but not sure if there are any new ideas in it I dont already agree with

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honestly think we need to do away with programming things that work "automagically," it makes code extremely hard to read and reason about

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Anyone know of any nonprofit/co-op cloud hosting or shared on premises hosting located in the Bay Area?

this seems very interesting. anyone have any experience with it?

could you embed a database in a self-modifying Rust binary? Am I losing my mind?

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reinventing PHP from first principles

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