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Programming, reading, having conversations with friends and learning new skills are the favorite parts of my life!

Future ambitions include hiking, having a pet and making music!
I'm always interested in talking to people and solving problems.

And to anyone reading this, have a fantastic day ahead of you!

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try Indian pickles if you can find em, or as it's more commonly called 'achar', it'll surprise you!

Art #6
Followed a YouTube tutorial, but learned a lot!

Mom's been sick, so I've been helping out in the kitchen, and I have been having fun. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for simple vegan recipes that I could try out. I'm mostly looking for recommendations that are healthy, and made with ingredients that can be made wherever I am.

An example would be sauteed or boiled vegetables.

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As soon as I encounter a problem with a FOSS library or program I'm working with, I grab the code and start looking for a solution, and often my first communication with the project will be the patch that fixes the bug.

It takes practice to be able to dive into a codebase quickly and solve problems right away, but so does anything else worth doing.

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"How do I get started contributing to open source? What are some good entry-level tasks to work on?"

These are questions I am often asked, so here's the answer for everyone to read:

Scratch your own itches. Find bugs that are causing you problems, conspicuously missing features you would find useful, and implement them - in literally any free/open-source software you're using. Don't worry about not being familiar with the codebase or programming language or whatever, just solve one problem at a time.

Try this: next time you go to report a bug, report it, and immediately start working on a patch which fixes the problem.

Scratching your own itches is the best source of motivation and maximizes your productivity.

Often that means not contributing to my projects at all, if you're asking how to get started with a specific project. Maybe you like it because it's flawless 😉 (hah!), in which case it wouldn't need your help anyway. Go fix something which is bugging you in another project. Spread the contributor wealth around and eventually it'll come back to my projects, too.

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A lot of rambling about abusive tech and people who code it 

Years ago now I worked a gig that was doing some crap with ISP-grade software that was not great for privacy/safety.

When I realized what was going on I started making noise. I began filing bug reports against privacy/safety/freedom breaches I identified, they got ignored. I finally went up my management chain going "We can't sell this, it's abusive!"

I dunno if it was my cage-rattling or someone else's that got to the CEO, but he eventually announced to the company something to the tune of "We're not alone in this emerging market. If we don't do this, others will anyway so really we're not doing anything that won't happen anyway"

And that stuck with me, because at the time I didn't have a coherent argument against it. Now? My stance on it is pretty solid-- we need far more ethics training than we get now, and we need a union or unions to back up refusal to do this crap on moral and ethical grounds.

So many people in tech feel helpless because they can just ultimately be replaced. It may HURT to replace some people, but the entire industry is kind of a meat grinder and everyone is just a cog in the machine. If you refuse to turn, the org cuts you and spends 3 days to 3 months training a fresh grad to replace you, depending on role.

People need the training to identify the misuses of what they build, the conviction to refuse to build abusive software, and the backing from their peers when they put their foot down. We don't have any of that right now.
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This seems interesting: The Open Book Project - "The Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can build for themselves."

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> Take baby to protest.
> Baby gets hurt.
> pikachu.jpg

Reading #1
currently reading Night by Elie Wiesel.

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You only have about 16 hours left to grab a bundle of more than 1700 video games while donating money for racial justice.

why am I REQUIRED to set-up and account for NVIDIA's Geforce Experience! Isn't the applications job to ensure I have the latest version of my graphics drivers. Why do I have to be LOGGED in!

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