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Programming, reading, having conversations with friends and learning new skills are the favorite parts of my life!

Future ambitions include hiking, having a pet and making music!
I'm always interested in talking to people and solving problems.

And to anyone reading this, have a fantastic day ahead of you!

I'm supposed to be writing my site generator, sorry @neauoire, kinda got sidetracked

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Cool Things I Stumbled Upon

A fantastic introduction for anyone interested in learning the basics of emacs

@icyphox It does not have support for embedded images though...

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alright, I'll take @icyphox 's original recommendation, vimwiki it is. (yes, VIM gud)

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alright, notion is definitely not going to cut it, even for the short term, it has limits on upload sizes. Hell No!

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good notion alternatives? As much as I love VIM, I'd like to be able to see the book summaries, and notes I take on other devices. I do plan on swapping it with a custom wiki once I've made the habit stick.

reading through @sir 's vimrc, comes across this, falls out of the chair laughing

I think I've spent way too much time over this today though. I should just go and get on with it, if it feels good I'll keep it, if it doesn't, get rid of it.

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alright, I have coc set up, two questions,

1. Would you recommend having something like CoC or YouCompleteMe while programming in VIM? I know @sir does not use it. (I stole some stuff from your dotfiles, hope that's alright) as someone with less experience with coding.
2. Second, if you do indeed use coc, do you have a simpler basic config that you could share, the default config on their page is humongous.

fine, I'll use coc for tab completion in vim

"Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation."
- Aristotle

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Hey I want to collect a list of resources for #ethical #WebDesign #html #css #js #sustainability #a11y etc etc pls reply with your favorites and also pls boost.

I've almost fully switched to a tmux and nvim setup for writing most of my code. I've noticed that there's lag when switching modes when running nvim on tmux. is this a known issue?

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