Does anyone know of a decent self-hosted alternative to GoodReads? I don't care about any of the social features, I just want something that lets me track my reading lists and discover other books by the same author.

@awalvie I've added those to my list to check out at some point! Readlebee looks like it could be especially cool, considering some of @Alamantus's other work. When I get some time, I'm going to set Little Library up and throw all my ebooks into it as well :comfyreading:

@amolith @awalvie Just FYI, @Readlebee is still pretty early in development (as far as progress goes), but I certainly have high hopes for it! 😄

Someday Little Library will have ActivityPub support (it's close, I just have one hurtle to get past and haven't had a chance to get back to it), but for now any instances are their own island. I do also have one set up at in case you didn't see it and want to try it out with some live books! 😊

@Alamantus @awalvie I gathered that it was still early days from the README lol. I think I saw it a few months ago then forgot about it until now 😉

I'm curious what Little Library's AP support would look like on other platforms. Just a link to the download page maybe?

I saw it but didn't want to take any of them and prevent someone else from downloading lol. What does it look like when someone claims a book, finishes it, then uploads again with their own opinion? Are the books listed separately with their respective reader's opinions or are both shown under one listing on the main page? I don't know if I'm describing that well :thonking:

@amolith lol good. Some people get super excited about Readlebee and I have to remind them just to be safe 😆

Little Library's AP support is mainly for allowing people to follow the shelf, which posts updates whenever someone adds a book to the shelf or removes one. That way followers can know when new books become available/unavailable!

Whenever someone claims a book, the record is immediately moved to the history so people can see what had been on the shelf and see the previous uploader's comments. Then when the next person finishes and re-uploads the book, it creates an entirely new entry and file. If that person cheats and uploads it multiple times, a new entry and file is created for each upload. So taken books are on a separate page than take-able books, if that makes sense.

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