Do not worry what your brain will produce.

Plant seeds and see what grows.

@cancel got a pretty cool glitch in ripcord 0.4.26 linux

pls don't fix

I just set up a small tmux session with my task manager, a calendar and the current days’s journal, and make sway open it after every boot.

Hopefully this will help me keep up with my todos better and establish the habit of journaling.

It's a while since I posted here. This is a video of the audio part of my live coding project, showing some initial Ixi Lang integration, and the latest state of the synthesizer.

its hard to wait for saturday for project time

everything has to be squeezed into <1h slots during the week and i'm doing my best to be OK with that

im looking for difficult games which arent puzzles and dont feature any violence. a "cooperative roguelike" if you will

anything that sorta fits the bill (even vaguely) please let me know :)

nixpkgs progress 

@claudiii is an absolute legend and helped me with taskwiki setup so now that's working too!!!

i even got vim-zettel sorta installed (missing dependency on ag currently, but that shouldn't be too difficult)

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nixpkgs progress 

vim-tidal: vim plugin is working, but it the scripts to start the tmux session are not (Tidalcycles might not be installed?)
vim-processing: working as expected :) PR soon
taskwiki: no real progress since yesterday, not sure why its not working
switcher: PR submitted :)

this is really my first foray into actually contributing PRs and its a lot of fun. when nixOS works its absolutely delightful to work with. when it doesnt, i have no idea where to even begin

woo hoo!!! i just successfully created my first working nix derivation. it was for the gnome extension switcher, which broke when updating to the unstable channel of nixOS and hadnt previously been added to nixpkgs

now to send a PR :)

up next, the vim extensions i couldnt get quite right.

man i spent most my weekend on this nix vimPlugin problem and i still have no idea what I'm doing

i need to copy dev branches of a github repo, python library, and different vim plugin to get the specific plugin im trying to make work but idk how... the plugin is taskwiki

any help would be appreciated

3D printed a 2.5" HDD rack for my Raspberry pi Syncthing server.


so i had to fix up my configuration.nix file to work with master, some of it was being deprecated. i managed to do that, which is good, but now I have to rebuild all my packages from master in order to test the ones I just created.

it takes a long time. given nixos ability to switch between generations, im going to setup a new channel for master so i can just swap (i was already running unstable)

today i fixed a long overdue problem problem i was facing with NixOS -- not being able to build nixpkgs/misc/vim-plugins

the build process seems easy for those. i was running into rate limiting issues. i have now built 2 vim plugins with nixOS. i need to find out how to install them on my system now.

but its 4am and time for bed lol

ive missed late nught programming adventures 😁

"Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming: feedback is the treatment."

-- Kent Beck

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