i feel bad throwing my old (broken from water damage) laptop out
i salvaged the parts that i could (ram and ssd) and dont know how to fix the rest... :/
any ideas?

⚠️ Dear Matrix users, a critical vulnerability has been found in several Matrix clients. A coordinated security release is happening today, Monday, Sept 13th. Don't wait, upgrade your Matrix clients as soon as possible ⚠️

More info here: matrix.org/blog/2021/09/10/pre

#matrix #FOSS

I just had a moment of self realization. I'm a professional JS developer who browses with JS disabled

i fall in love just a little bit everyday with someone new

Guan Yin, trans non binary buddhist diety. will appear as a man or as a woman depending on what kind of scolding you happen to need on your adventures

in australia, only australian law applies, not ohm's law makes a superconductor out of room temperature copper

please keep in mind that keeping your current computer is probably way better than buying an eco-friendly fully repairable laptop

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I looked fondly on myself when I did them.
Someone else looked fondly upon me when I did them.
From their seeds came a tree.
Other things became mundane.
The problem screamed.
It was ceaseless, billowing.
It overcame the voices talking in and outside of my skull.
There are (and were) (to some degree) no other things.
Life revealed itself to be some dodging of impedances, only to get to these.

They obsesssed me. They were their own reward beyond which nothng else could satiate.

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