Wendell Berry is a good human, also, been reading about Doughnut economics.

"We need a 'new economy,' one that is founded on thrift and care, on saving and conserving, not on excess and waste. An economy based on waste is inherently and hopelessly violent, and war is its inevitable by-product. We need a peaceable economy."

Quote from In the Presence of Fear: Three Essays for a Changed World.

I had a birthday recently and what was interesting was that my family, unprompted, went to my website and got me books from want to read book list I keep there.

"If LSD is like being strapped to a rocket, learning to meditate is like gently raising a sail."

Let's stop calling it 'recommendations' and call it what it is: upselling.

i went sailing for the first time in the weekend, and absolutely loved it.

ill probably take a course in march to become nautical ready and then aim towards getting a boat

im really excited 😁😁

Finally did it. Signed up today for a full, limitless, sailing course and license exam. Next few months I will be studying for it, hopefully around May I will join our nautical friends :)

The problem with computer literacy classes is that they don’t teach computer literacy, they teach consumerism.

@neauoire ah nevermind xD Just for some reason when I read "jamuary" my first thought was that it would be about making a new jar of jam every day or something

What if..

mastodon, except without federation. Each instance has the space to develop its own deeply unique culture, separate from the rest of the internet. And while travel between instances is possible, it's more akin to going on a journey to a far away place, and finding yourself immersed in their local instance's culture, vs simply seeing other instance's members aggregated in your local timeline.

Tidal sketch number 6
Originally posted on 02/10/2019
Playing with the accelerate function I guess?
#TidalCycles #th4TidalSketches

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@s0 hi fellow Australian here, asking if its okay to follow :)

Software is like recipes.

Facebook etc is like McDonalds: the recipes are designed to be cheap to produce and addictive so you keep coming back, but not good for YOU.

Commercial software is like restaurants: it varies wildly, and your favourite popular restaurant may disappear unexpectedly.

Open source is like home-cooked meals: you can know exactly what's in there and share the recipes freely. Some recipes are hard to pull off, but some are actually more convenient than going out to eat.

how 2 channel feelings into art?

asking for a friend (is me)

My keyboard arrived yesterday :3 I still need to solder the switches and the arduino. Probably this weekend.

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anybody know of a good book / resource for reading about best practices for devops and sysadmin related things?

OK heads. I'd like to use some old Windows VST instruments in . I can open as a VST within the DAW but the Wine bridge isn't supported. So... How do I route MIDI out of Reaper into Carla? Can't seem to do it in the patchbay or Qjackctl but I'm probably missing something.

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