You know what I would love for Mastodon client, an option follow whole instances at the instance level, to create a "neighborhood" feed between local and federated, made of these instances' local feeds.

Alternatively, a way to whitelist instances that shows up in the Federated feed, it would have the same effect.

scrolling around the interwebs as i do, and came across purgateus a mod of one of my favorite games proteus, only to discover @neauoire was part of its creation 😅😎 v cool

i remember playing venus patrol (another one of the collaborators) a long while ago, whatever happened to Neil?

walkaway be like

let's make an own operating system and internetworking protocol

and build a global research network using toasters and crystals

* Pours Coffee *
* Cracks fingers *
* Launch code editor *

" 'Hello, world!' in C exercise"

chronically fucking up
but I'll never give up

The longer I work in IT the more I want to distance myself from IT and go into... trees.

been climbing for about 6 hours today, and i havent fallen at all. also did my first few leads 💪🏾😎 first time leading really helped with my mental game and being less scared! something about having to trust myself and knowing i cant fall makes me less scared? we led an 18 that we thought was a 16 lol 😅
had a few close encounters where I unlocked beast mode and made some epic saves.

i feel really cool and good at climbing now that i can lead, gotta learn how to clean next 😁

Civil inattention : maintaining a balance between civility and privacy. Acting civilized toward one another, but also not being attentive. Being alone, but together.

"Two people are walking towards each other on the street. They'll glance at each other from a distance. That's the civility, the acknowledgement. And then as they get closer, they'll look away, to give each other some space."

too excited abut my kendrit for this period and my pebble being resurrected to fall asleep
im going climbing at 7am, so this is a problem

but is a good problem

the problem with reading books is that it makes reading the internet feel like a tragic waste of time.

i fixed my pebble!!! 😊😎
everything is working now, battery needs a charge and i gotta setup rebble on my phone but OMG I'm so excited

'i hope the screens don't make you forget the sun, the fire, and other stars...'

I don't have to hate someone/something to disagree

in fact, I like having friends who don't agree with me. its good to be tolerant of other ideas and opinions

going through Kitaab and I found an old page I called Yaad (literally to remember) and it's basically the idea of the Zettelkasten. I never actually got around to implementing it then, but eventually developed the same system. Instead of fragments, i decided to call them threads and knots. threads were built up of small knots that were interwoven to make coherent pages. importantly knots had to be re-usable and atomic.

how interesting that is now what i do

OMFG i just got my pebble vattery with controller!!

WOOHOOOO! time to pay for local hackerspace access and get to soldering!

@mrus i loved this page of yours!

definitely a few tools i didnt know about that seem useful :) makes me want to go back to using a tiling WM and do everything in terminal

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