it's been really annoying since all my 2fa codes were on it though...

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my phone got stolen the other day :(((
really don't want to buy another one and honestly have been enjoying not having one.
i think i'll just jump the gun and buy the pinephone
modern phones fucking suck

stolen from Twitter: which HTTP 400-level code describes your sex life?

original post:

"Security experts advise users to delete Chrome for the second time in so many weeks"

Bitch I've been saying people should do that since 2010

If public funding for the arts is a way of ensuring artists can survive and thrive while enriching culture for everyone, NFTs are the mirror-universe evil twin, a way of securing funding by pandering to unthinkable egoism that's directly opposed to the public good

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how was ffmpeg usable before web searches is my question

wow I just spent an hour trying to post a video to birdsite, running every relevant FFmpeg incantation I could find on the internet, every single one of them resulted in a rejected video. what a pile of garbage. worked immediately on Mastodon unsurprisingly. remember kids: centralized platforms are technically as well as morally inferior to open ones.

If you do not speak to the worker, there will be no communism
If you do not speak to Indigenous, we can have no Decolonization
If you do not speak to those that were fed through the school to prison pipeline. We can have no Prison Abolition.
If you do not speak to the oppressed, there will be no Revolution.
It takes a million voices to topple a mountain. And if you gatekeep them behind words that they don't know. Then you are only speaking for yourself.

So that's why I write poems of Revolution

progress on my Renoise livecoding instrument! it's at a point where it's actually fun to play?? I'm calling it 8FL, pronounced "eight eff ell" or "8th floor". it's a Fennel REPL that leverages Renoise's Lua API and uses pattern abstractions inspired by Clojure, Tidal Cycles, and the Polyend tracker hardware.

I'm nervous but I'm performing using this stack on Friday at Wonderville in Brooklyn! if you are around come through!

I particularly appreciated Teppo raising this question: what can we do to help fungi?

Far too often, members of our species only care about other species when they appear to offer some direct benefit. "Is it edible? Is it medicinal? Can I sell it? ... No? Not interested".

What a sad way to view the world. There are endless exquisite miracles to experience if we look beyond ourselves; endless ways to act selflessly and make the whole more beautiful and vibrant.

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Printed a few things today, mostly various experimental stationary that didn't turn out very well, but I'm happy with these.

It’s now a year and a half since I was unceremoniously pushed exclusively into Apple land whether I liked it or not (I did not).

As of next week I'm now 95% released from Apple jail, thanks to a combination of newly released tech and some physical recovery.

I'll have voice dictation, gesture typing and hand writing recognition on an Android tablet arriving Monday, and via Windows on my pen display.

Both OSs obviously have big issues BUT they don’t block me from using the FOSS I want to use.

outing myself as an insufferable nerd, but there was a 4-5 month period where i was like "i'm imagining it, i must be crazy" and i just straight up kept track on a SPREADSHEET, i swear to god i had a little number clicker

women around me got interrupted ~2x as much as men

i get interrupted ~3-4x as much as after i came out as transfemme

women and people i knew to be trans-friendly had no significant difference from men as a whole

everyone has to work on it, it's a cultural pressure

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