hot take: design without commercial incentive is called art

alright fedi, i need more creative tech artists to follow! give me your faves (regardless of what creative output they pursue :))

just tried out and it looks cool and all i guess. i like the graph view and backlinks view, but upon learning it will not be open sourced i'm a little hesitant to use it. i dont really use images in my wiki and i cant see any other real reason to switch. i'd rather build the components that i do use into my current workflow.

on that note: what's one thing from your PIM system that you could not use it without?

alright merveilles, link me your favorite generative artists of any kind (images, music, whatever)

ill start:

I'm the crazy idealist your friends warned you about. this is my creative aspect.

a sorcerer of the modern age, i am here to continue my learning of the dark arts; summoning demons by imbuing life in rocks and convincing them to do my bidding.

passionate FOSS advocate. intermediate programmer, still learning new things everyday. beginner at graphics and music, particularly interested in generative artwork.

the shadows here are familiar but it is good to step in the light

i promise I'll get my avatar made tomorrow 😅

Was I focused (on my personal projects), procrastinating or doing other things?

Was I happy and well? Did I feel kindly about myself? Did I take care of myself?

Did I consider family, friends and others? Did I feel kindly of them all?

Did I play, relax, socialise?

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