95% of the Webring sites that use RSS are now being accepted by the webring aggregator. The ones that currently do not either have errors in their dates, or random escape characters in their links, which all gets rejected by the back-end. There are about two out of these that I'm eyeing to fix, but for the most part, please enjoy.

Over the next few days I'll ensure the Cronjobs update the site properly and then I'll get to work on the Jinja branch!


Laughing at linguistics memes because it's 6:40 AM

me: flossing is for dweebs

also me: fuck my teeth feel cool after flossing

the worst part about traveling is returning to find your roommate didn't care for your plants as much as you do 😭😭

Jesper Juul mentions, in what is little more than a footnote, "spiritual competence", listing competences a child should have the chance to develop growing up, and I do think that's something that's missing these days all across society, from religious conservative family to secular pragmatics: to see one's own life and actions and those of others in a greater context and organise one's values and passions in accordance with that.

A rare bit of self-promotion: I've got a new zine: Eidolia! It's a series of illustrations and machine-generated poetry, and I'm hoping to refine the process over the next couple months. It's currently only available for patrons, but I'll put it up on itch.io next month!


why haven't messaging apps released a feature that transcribes audio messages to text

I volunteer as 'IT person' for a museum in its early days, (eicas.nl - @EICAS).

I would love to connect with other "museum people" and "museum IT people", here and elsewhere.

Any boosts/recommendations welcome!

for those with a job in a tech company, how did the industry effect your passion? if it did so negatively, what did you do about it?

currently struggling with my "attitude" towards my job and how it has killed my love of computers and programming

🧄🌶️🧅 tonight we are making korean style jangajji banchan pickles!

1️⃣ serrano and shiitake
2️⃣ serrano, garlic and spring onion
3️⃣ jalapeño and shiitake
4️⃣ jalapeño and spring onion

i started a class on building your own synthesizers from scratch. our first week, the prompt was to record something that sounds like a thunderstorm without using any samples of actual thunder or rain. i ended up just writing a song around it and as per usual, designed a little logo for the song using dotgrid ^__^


alright mum, ill learn golang...
i do wanna be a polyglot anyway /shrug

I sleep well knowing that the difference between me and people who spend their days posting self-serving takes about "individual solutions and structural problems" is that at the end of the day, while someone has spent their day being negative on the internet, I have cleaned up a beach.

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