Hey everyone! the alv language is participating in the repl.it "Language Jam" and is looking for help in the next month to:

- design a neat logo
- fix up the documentation
- build a CodeMirror (JS) based editor/IDE (to surpass the atom experiment: merveilles.town/@s_ol/10451742)

If you've been watching from afar this might be a good time to get involved 😉

See the mailing list announcement/thread for more info:

RTs appreciated!

my friend spent a solid 30 minutes talking to me about push bikes today

now i want a fixed gear bike that i have built myself

also splitscreen multitasking when you have a keyboard built in :tealheart:

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using my phone to write shaders is v fun

my phone is actually a productive device now, i dont shy away from making/writing things (Journal, blog, music and now shaders) on it anymore

up next: code

my mom yelling at me down the stairs

me, in the basement "yeah okay mom I'll be up after I finish this shader"

what if we used postscript to create a merveilles zine.... :merveilles:

The amount by which vimwiki has made my life better is immeasurable.


anybody tried running supercollider on android? does it have a cli?

i want to see if i can run tidal cycles on my phone



i really want to redesign my website, but i never quite find the time

sowing a seed of intention

IOS might have the voice control, which I am dependent on right now, but I tried to do some actual work today with it and boy oh boy do I want my Linux back.

Tasks that I'm used to being so simple were a hair tearing experience that took me half the day to find half baked solutions for.

I want my fully fledged next cloud integration, I want my Emacs, I want my KDE dolphin, I want my full firefox with add-ons.

But it's out of my hands. Have to wait and see if I continue to depend on voice.

Seriously, I hope people stop referring to the things they create as "content". You're not just making generic stuff to fill up space on a website owned by people who don't care about it. Your work deserves more respect than that. You deserve more respect than that.

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@jrc03c hey! you did public domain tapes! i love the 2 episodes you've put out thus far 😊🤩

thank you for being awesome, keep being you, friendo 😁

for those who don't know Neuvoids, it's a nonprofit platform/association where we organize URL and (soon) IRL events. Please tell me your thoughts on that!

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What's everyone working on? Have any fun pictures you can share of your current projects? Tell me about them and why you're excited about it.

Found this beautiful poem tonight in Gitanjali, by Rabindranath Tagore.

im beginning to realize i much prefer closed chat groups to endless scroll of fedi

i have too many data sources

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