i feel *soooo* much better after playing around with tidal cycles today

im beginning to realize that not feeling productive makes me really grumpy

the tidalcycles club group is excellent

though i have to use my laptop because i cant get tidal-vim installed on NixOS which is annoying :(

i been trying for a few days now

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@aynish Did you try to install it using home-manager or another way?

@irimi1 no i didnt, i wanted to create a .nix for it, but the vim-plugins script fails due to too many requests on github. i didnt make much headway on writing the script myself. i ended up just adding an issue to vim-pi to include it, so that eventually it'll trickle down stream to nixpkgs.

an intermediate solution to use VAM or VimPlug sounds reasonable tbh, i was blinded by my desire for purity. thanks for pointing that out! :)

@aynish I was just asking because I’m fairly certain I could string something together that would work with home-manager.
It could maybe serve as a temporary solution so you can at least try to solve it the pure way while working on your nix machine ;)

@irimi1 awww man you're such a sweety! i wouldnt really know where to start with home-manager, could you point me in the right direction for getting it to install vim plugins?

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