man i spent most my weekend on this nix vimPlugin problem and i still have no idea what I'm doing

i need to copy dev branches of a github repo, python library, and different vim plugin to get the specific plugin im trying to make work but idk how... the plugin is taskwiki

any help would be appreciated

@aynish I might be able to help, haven't used vim plugins on nixos though, but know a bit about nixos. Where are you stuck?

@claudiii thanks!

so i followed the directions at which is to run --add "<owner>/<repo>" to make vimPlugins include this plugin through some magic. but because this plugin requires extra installation steps, i also need to edit the override.nix file to include the dependencies and other installation requirements -- which is where i'm stuck (

i think my primary issue is i have no visibility into what exactly the problem is

@aynish Something like this could work, you may also need to add taskwarrior to your systemPackages

@aynish ah sorry, this is an excerpt of overrides.nix

@claudiii shame it doesn't seem to work. i can load :h taskwiki but none of the actual functions of the plugin. it appears to break vimwiki highlights as well :/

thanks for your help! i've posted in freenode to see if someone knows something.

@aynish I got it to work in neovim with this in overrides.nix and this to build a (neo)vim with taskwiki. Vim‘s python somehow can’t find basic modules like six, this is on macOS maybe that’s why 🤷‍♀️.

@claudiii gonna test this now, you're a hero my friend :) thank you so much

@claudiii OMG!! IT WORKS!! :tealheart: thank you so much!

how did you know to include setuptools? just curious so i can better understand how to debug this stuff in the future :)

@aynish Haha awesome, glad it works! 👍There was an error when loading taskwiki in neovim where it complained about missing 'pkg_resources', I just searched for that error online, and apparently that’s from setuptools.

@claudiii huh, i must've missed said error when running nvim lol

thanks again! :)

@claudiii i hope you dont mind me asking a few more questions here.

i'm also trying to build vim-tidal and vim-processing. vim-tidal requires a make install (that i believe happens automatically, without an override?) however the makefile has prefix=/usr/local which obviously won't work for nix. how would I go about patching (?) that.

thanks again for your patience and assistance :)

@aynish I'm happy to help! There is 'substituteInPlace' described here , but I think you can’t add scripts to the system wide bin from a vimPlugin and your best bet is to create a small derivation copying and patching the scripts or use something like this

@claudiii ill have a read of these and see where i end up!

you've been mega helpful, comrade! thank you! :tealheart:

@claudiii hmmm this is what i had in there previously almost verbatim. will test it again and let you know! thanks for your help :)

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