@mrus i loved this page of yours!

definitely a few tools i didnt know about that seem useful :) makes me want to go back to using a tiling WM and do everything in terminal

@aynish thank you, glad you find value in it! :)

Tiling WM and everything in terminal sounds like the right way to use a computer anyway.

@mrus hah, i certainly lived that life for a long while, in fact my first foray into linux was a tiling WM. i gave up on it because i was running into too many little annoyances (changing volume, wifi, etc) but i think im a lot better at linux now so maybe that wint be as much of a problem?

ohh man you've excited something that has been slumbering inside me for a while... 😈

@aynish give it a try and see how it goes! If you have a good piece of hardware with decent support it can be fun. :)

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