been climbing for about 6 hours today, and i havent fallen at all. also did my first few leads 💪🏾😎 first time leading really helped with my mental game and being less scared! something about having to trust myself and knowing i cant fall makes me less scared? we led an 18 that we thought was a 16 lol 😅
had a few close encounters where I unlocked beast mode and made some epic saves.

i feel really cool and good at climbing now that i can lead, gotta learn how to clean next 😁

@aynish Did you practice falling? I found that it helps a lot with trusting your partner and with good technique they can take cancle out a bunch of falling distance.

I do a lot of bouldering but I love the mental aspect of lead climbing.

For me cleaning (not familiar with the english terms, I assume that's down out your material) is the most fun, getting scared for a moment hanging all by yourself at >15m height, then zoning in and abseiling at your own (rapid in my case ;)) pace.

@l3kn yeah ive fallen a lot on top rope, but im still so scared up there hahaha
that didn't happen on lead though. in fairness, I do higher grades on top rope (though I'm just realizing not as much higher as i thought, only 20)

i still have more experience bouldering too :) but sport climbing might be winning my heart...
i still have to learn how to clean! at first i thought id learn that first but my friend with the rope and biners said he'd teach me that some other time :)

@aynish Maybe you were too concentrated on climbing to get scared?

I like that a lot about climbing / bouldering, as soon as I grab the first holds, the only problem in the world is getting up the wall.

Recently I've started optimizing my breathing technique, breathing in when reaching out, breathing out when pulling and taking short breaks so breaths line up between movements, it's almost meditative.

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