i think im finally understanding how to draw things with just functions.

still so many things i dont know, but i enjoy single purpose devices :)

maybe one day I'll install KnightOS or zkeme80 (how does forth work, could i boot to uxn from zkeme80??) on it 👀

id like to use it for drawing for now, its relaxing

i know they're supposed to be ephemeral but i wanted to keep my first :3

also also i got this one second hand as a gift from a friend
its the actual one he used in high school and didnt need it anymore

@aynish We used to jot in random things on our TI84s in high school, and then just enjoy the art that came out without understanding the functions. Our maths teacher was so frustrated with us. Luckily we were his last class of art students.

@lilletale hahah, i always hated maths in high school, probably because i wasn't very good at it and didn't like our teacher
made me not touc h my graphing calc much

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