focusing on finishing lately. something i have very ltitle practice with.
tell me friends, how do you decide to "finish" a thing. whether it be creative, or when working or something recurring libe ops management, when do you decide a thing is done? what state does it need to be in?

i tend to just noodle around in <thing> until i get bored and move on to the new shiny thing (adhd is both a curse and superpower), even if the set of things i noodle in is the same, i dont feel like im learning

@aynish depends on what it is that you're trying to finish - finishing a song, or a drawing, or a program, or a passage or a meal or a climb, have all very different states of being finished.

@aynish For most things tho, finished is when there is nothing left to remove.

@neauoire indeed context is important! having nothing left to remove is a good marker, i like that idea. i should use it more. i struggle with this a lot when playing with songs. i keep adding things until it's basically noise, and then just get lost in the sauce.
it does seem to fall apart when dealing with infrastructure, and putting out fires -- or even just constructing new pices. something to think on

@aynish To date, collapseos is the only piece of software I can think of that has formally declared itself "completed". The language used in this write-up may give you some hints on how they did that:

Reading this, I get the sense the author was able to accomplish by setting up very specific design goals at the beginning, and staying true to those goals. So, I guess you say: how you finish depends on how how you begin, or even before that.

@aynish My mix teacher used to say back in the days of analogue hardware, a mix was considered done when you filled up your patch bay. Once you bounce to tape, that's kind of it. Tape is a finite resource, and it can only be re-used so many times.

He also went on to mention that nothing really ever gets finished in the age of ProTools, because you're always able to tweak. When you run out of time and/or money, that's when it's done, warts and all.

@paul i like this perspective!

the second toot you mention is exactly my problem. there's always more changes i could make so i never consider something "done"

@aynish I also suck at this. The only thing thats every worked for me is to accept things as imperfect but done.

@vincent ufff, mood.
tho generally im just like, yeah that's a work in progress

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