fucking home server is wrecked still haven't been able to fix it, mostly because nix is broken in the most esoteric way
can't nixos-install because I use flakes and then when I change config to not flakes, it doesn't update grub....
help appreciated

anyways here's a photo

@aynish Feel free to ping on Matrix or Ninjatrappeur on liberachat if you want to live debug the thing :)

@aynish ow that sounds nasty, i am not sure i can help, but the people over at on matrix might be able to, have you already tried that, and did you have any luck?

@nerdypepper I did try there, and they gave me some tips but still no dice unfortunately lol

@aynish `nixos-install --flake path/to#your-system` might solve the first issue, i am just shooting in the dark here though.

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