so I finallymade my bike fixed gear (couple weeks ago) after lots of learning and trial and error. had to get a chain, cut it and install it, remove the old chain, install the fixed gear, balance it right, set it right and change the tube~

but now I'm scared to ride it! I need to get cleared pedals, but waiting for LBS to get the parts

I've ridden once and I do like it, but not sure if it's better than free wheel? gonna try and get one that's the same size so I can swap easily

@aynish straps make a huge difference, I would recommend to postpone judgement of an idea of a fixie until you'll get comfortable riding it with some sort of straps (doesn't matter which type, if cleared pedals is some kind of a clipless system - this is perfect!)

@fedor nah I meant cleated pedals, which would be a clip based system, but I think id prefer that
yeah I'm trying not to judge too hard until I get those

I'd feel so cool riding fixed in my cleats to the climbing gym and then change into my climbing shoes hahaha

@aynish @fedor I am very curious to see how you find our city's lovely hills with a fixie!

@rslabbert @fedor yeah I haven't gone down any yet because I'm afraid lol

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