Tonight I took everything off my desk and re-did the cable management and set everything up again now it looks exactly as neat as it was before :|

I _did_ set up an Ikea zigbee switch so I can turn my entire desk off when I'm not using it (thanks @peterw). Just need to find a good spot to put the switchy booper where I won't accidentally bump it.

This is what I ended up with, I think it's alright. One USBC cable to rule them all #ShowUsYourDesk

@aynish I love the alarm clock, and the multitude of plant friends! Also, same mouse!

@ash aww thank you, I love how clean and colorful yours is!
it's best mouse :)

@aynish it's a mighty fine mouse. Also you just encouraged me to bring my pothos over to drape over one of my speakers (I think it'll do fine, there's plenty of artificial light!)

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