made some of @rek's chickpea stir fry!
absolutely delicious! first time i got to cook with sichwan pepper 😋

so i was playing around with making graphs out of my memex using networkx and pygraphviz, but my memex is a little too big and interconnected to make useful visualizations. i did make this cool art piece tho! it is 48mb though, whoops. you can't even read the titles beause the bitmap is too big

nothing makes me feel more alive than outdoor climbing
i love being out in nature, hanging out with some friends and sending some climbs

its such a vibe

before i run out of time, gonna post some stuff for the cooking jam,,!

everything is vegan, in order:
- Vietnamese rice noodle salad
- pickled carrots
- mushroom risotto
- bibimbap

i think im finally understanding how to draw things with just functions.

still so many things i dont know, but i enjoy single purpose devices :)

maybe one day I'll install KnightOS or zkeme80 (how does forth work, could i boot to uxn from zkeme80??) on it 👀

id like to use it for drawing for now, its relaxing

i made some banana bread over the weekend :) really been enjoying cooking lately, in fact i no longer order / eat packaged meals!

i made some carrots based on a recipe @rek gave me :D im so excited, i learnt about lactofermentation and how to make sure food doesn't rot :)

just finished my first Pottery session! it was so lovely, can't wait to go back :)
i was really bad, but i actually made things! with my own hands!
i love making things

my favorite bedside plant is sprouting flowers 💐😊

they dont last very long, but they bring me joy

i fixed my pebble!!! 😊😎
everything is working now, battery needs a charge and i gotta setup rebble on my phone but OMG I'm so excited

i got inked today!!

"we must accept the shadows in order to live in the light"

i started my first batch of kombucha today! first time iver ever fermented something! I'm keen to see how it turns out in about 10 days and then on to the second ferment 😊


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