95% of the Webring sites that use RSS are now being accepted by the webring aggregator. The ones that currently do not either have errors in their dates, or random escape characters in their links, which all gets rejected by the back-end. There are about two out of these that I'm eyeing to fix, but for the most part, please enjoy.

Over the next few days I'll ensure the Cronjobs update the site properly and then I'll get to work on the Jinja branch!


@shi hmm, yeah it certainly is harder, since you basically have to compile from source

once you feel comfortable with the tools, it's okay, but certainly more effort in general

using it for a server tends to side step that issue though

@shi indeed a run a server at home with various software that contains my digital home, its backed up off site as well.

i recently switched to NixOS due to concerns of failures and reinstalling being a pain, and now i can materialize my digital house fairly effortlessly

@mrus damn! that's real cool!

how are you displaying images in terminal? is this iterm2 specific?

@palomakop LMAO i was so mesmerized by the gif, i didnt notice the link!

@palomakop WOW! this is beautiful!

is the source available to inspect? ☺️

Hearing weirdness 

@lilletale i struggle to imagine what that must feel like, and yet im so curious to experience it

Laughing at linguistics memes because it's 6:40 AM

me: flossing is for dweebs

also me: fuck my teeth feel cool after flossing

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