@amatecha I hate the nagging as well, but why so upset at having a pin? (i got one once forced to and didnt appreciate it)

@hxii How To Write Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens

Building a Second Brain


wiki.nikitavoloboev.xyz/knowle (and the one on research)

though beepb00p.xyz/pkm-setup.html by Merveilles' very own @karlicoss is probably my favorite

RE: Gitea, federation 

@rrix @materialfuture forge-fed is looking to implement this, but its currently pre-alpha

@awalvie i love achar! mango achar is probably my favorite, but i also love chilli achar 🌶️ :tealheart:

@jakechvatal "You might have nothing to lose by corporations/states violating your privacy, but journalists, whistleblowers, dissidents, and marginalized peoples do. Without these we cannot have a functioning democracy."

If the answer is "i don't really care", further persuasion is pointless, because they value their convenience more than being part of a healthy society.

bamboos 🖤 i missed.
I'm going to transplant them (all of them) in my room

i started my first batch of kombucha today! first time iver ever fermented something! I'm keen to see how it turns out in about 10 days and then on to the second ferment 😊

@amorris wake up, small quick exercise routine (generally ab focused, sometimes full body), brush my teeth, brew a coffee, sit outside with my onyx notebook and read articles (saved in wallabag) or (rarely) a textbook, finish coffee, review events/tasks/notes, begin day

i really want to fit in a look at co-star/seventh sphere, but when i look at my phone i tend to get too distracted. perhaps while brewing my coffee? not sure yet

@vinnl @peregrine ooooh I'm currently reading The Goldfinch, im really enjoying it

@eldaking This is exactly why I get massively set off by issues in proprietary software but am super patient with issues in libre.

When there's a problem in proprietary software I often feel like it's an attack on me, either by way of deliberate feature restriction, or unwillingness to route my payments to the actual software I paid for.

But bugs in libre mostly make me think, well I'm sure they're doing their best, I love them just for making this and sharing it with me.

devourer of data, surveyor of souls, how can you know All That is Known?

@amorris may just be my browser, but code blocks seem to be not working

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