hey @aadil what timezone is SMCC listed on solarpunk.cool? do you guys just meet on the forum and post? i wanna be at the next one :))

reading the links posted there rn hahah

@nune i can tell they're all crafted with care and love. each one is so expressive and whole. I really love them :)

@nune i love this little series you've got going, they're all immaculate!

@celia i left reddit a long time ago when i realized i wasn't getting anything of value from it anymore, and all the comments were making me feel angry

first i cut out all the useless subs i subbed to overtime. then i deleted the app and logged out of all my accounts. eventually i no longer felt the need to scroll it, having replaced that scrolling with other pages.

recently I've been using slide to tightly curate 4 or 5 subs where people almost exclusively post OC

@metasyn absolutely! morning routine is essential for me. starts with a small 10 - 15 min workout, brew a coffee and read a book (generally nonfiction) or articles from wallabag. trying to find time to plan the day and/or read tarot/co-star but I'm not a morning person and my morning routine is already about an hour long

@cblgh "The enemy of art is the absence of limitation" Orson Welles

@morgan standard practice is use one key per machine. to deal with multiple keys i have a git repo with all my public keys and a small script that echos them into authorized keys. the annoying part is generally getting the git repo onto the new machine. there's ssh-key-add (?) for that (ie clone the repo to local env and add all keys to new machine using ssh-key-add)

id forgotten how much i love libraries

im certainly going to try and keep working from them instead of home

yesterday i finally got around to configuring a matrix serve using nixOS. kinda pleased by that. i also configured wireguard but then realize my home server that i want to vpn into is running ubuntu LTS so i need to update that before it would work, and in order to do that i must back it up which will take forever. think i might just switch to tinc for the time being

@glyph the timescale of plant intelligence are simply incomprehensible by humans. we struggle to understand most things that function on different timescales that we are unfamiliar with

@ice they're v game changing

i cant go back now lol

todo: stay away from number theory when deciding on UID schemes for personal wiki

@morgan building your own tools is a good project for learning programming

you could look for one in a language you're interested in

search static site generators :) welcome to the journey

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