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i don't fit in a lot of places

thanks for having room for me feddy :tealheart:

I am a Gemini Sun, Gopher Moon, Lynx Rising

Poem - Rituals of Living 

When long shadows draw
across my chest in bed
I light a joint
The torch, a magic flame
casting out the horrors
of dead dreams

When fatigue hangs heavy weights
off my bones
I brew a cup of coffee
the censer, its holy scent
blessing my corpse
with permission to go on

When tears march procession
Mourning the absence of you
I eat a slice of cake
The feast, a celebration
of what will be
when I no longer remember your face

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feeling my creative energy moving away from music and into graphics

now the question becomes: how do i harness it

work was absolutely exhasuting today. i wish i had the energy to do creative things, but instead i find myself not able to really start (At least i gave it a go)
that coupled with waking up at 5am due to a fire alarm, climbing for an hour or so in the morning leaves me just about ready for bed.

Hello fediverse, I'm looking for a job! (milano or remote or consulting)

I am a creative technologist with a wide variety of experience:
- full-stack (node, react, sql, nosql, …)
- hardware design, embedded (C/C++)
- gamedev (Unity/C#)
- graphics (shaders/GLSL)
- linux + FOSS
- other programming languages: python, lua, clojure


I especially like working on creative applications, across traditional technology boundaries and growing my skillset.

RTs very appreciated!

Considering publishing the dictionary I've been working on this year. It contains definitions like these

Advertising - Commercial propaganda
Filial piety - When you're a sycophant for mommy and daddy
Marketing - Weaponized FOMO
Perseverance porn - Painting status quo resilience as heroism
Schrodinger’s douchebag - If my actions have consequences, I was just kidding

don't worry about what you want to be, worry about what you want to do

i wish to learn another programming language but idk what to pick
im fluent at python, and have minimal/some experience with C, haskell, ada, and java
i never made it through the book of elixir or rust but those seem like reasonable choices. lisp also on my list. learning nix out of necessity at this point, but it doesnt feel like a language so much as a tool (like make). nim also seems alright?

taking suggestions :)

calm little podcast where people talk about making their personal sites

i just realized ive been using taskwarrior wrong my whole life...

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