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just contributed a fix to vimwiki-sync to make it work with neovim

its literally the first bit of vimscript ive ever written and im so happy that it works! :))
contributing to open source projects is fun and cool!!

good first impressions are bad expectation management

it feels so powerful to be able to switch my OS to bleeding edge until restart with nixOS
install some packages, update a few others, and until i restart this is my system

i love nixOS and am glad to be getting better at it

Two very different attitudes to tools here today.

Tool: *breaks*
Person A: Dang, ill throw this away and buy a new one.
Me: I will repair this.

lewd lyrics, retrocomputing 

I mean come on; this is quality songcrafting while also being very pandering to my interests:

Your touch is soft, you aim to please
You trace your fingers over worn qwerty keys
With tenderness, I touch your face
You look distracted while I hunger for your warm embrace
You've waited long enough, I can't say no
Who am I to stop the information flow?
The data flickers across the amber screen
My very own electric 8-bit plastic love machine

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pretty cool that societally we decided having time to ourselves for fun and rest was just too damn unproductive so we had to turn it into work called "self-care"

Demobaza has nailed this year’s mood with their AW20 collection.

"There is not a thought, or an invention, which is not common property, born of the past and the present. Thousands of inventors, known and unknown, who have died in poverty, have co-operated in the invention of each of these machines which embody the genius of man.


By what right then can anyone whatever appropriate the least morsel of this immense whole and say -- This is mine, not yours?"

- Peter Kropotkin, The Conquest of Bread

The hardest part of learning computers is that there is usually a very good reason we do things the way we do. And equally or more so often there is not a good reason at all.

You either know way too much and thus know to not bother fixing it.

Or not enough to know that it could be a fools errand.

"The only way billionaires can help us is to invest in unmaking the system that created them. There is no way to be a moral billionaire. The existence of that fortune is built on a form of systemic exploitation that precludes redistribution. There cannot be both billionaires and the means of billionaires fixing the world out of the goodness of their hearts, because the only way to maintain billionaires is to maintain a system of dragging money toward billionaires."

I'm a retro games and software developer interested in home fabrication of electronics. I speak Z80 assembly and C

no longer seems theres enough hours in day to do all the things i want...

im excited for SMCC tomorrw! i plan to make it, but im notorious for being bad at punctuality
Merveillescrolling is a much needed alternative to doomscrolling

We are witches performing magic on our flesh machines

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