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i gotsta say, i get a lot out of co-star
its powerful and useful for my own self care

Thinking about this tree I saw in a cemetery by the Loch Ness

im so close to having diy-ed norns its making me excited and annoyed (that i cant use it yet)

i have a handful of capacitors, 1 resistor (that i seem to not have again???), the ICs and knobs left!
i hope i didnt fuck anything up and that it will actually work🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

truth is beyond words; it does not warrant explanation

We've increased our level of making! Some explanation: we designed and 3D printed a tempeh mold, using food safe plastic (PETG), which we filled with half-ground soybeans and a fungus (rhizopus oligosporus) and let it grow in our custom-made incubator for ~30 hours. The result is this amazing, delicious, protein-packed tempeh <3

I'm gonna be heading down to sydney for a perhaps a week soon

are there any merfolk over there who'd like to meet up? :maru:

tired: Queer Dating
wired: meeting human beings who share your interests naturally through organic social connections and evaluating them as individuals rather than a collection of labels



conscious of the freedom and responsibility that comes with accepting one’s free will

my friend gave me his old TI84 and im so excited to play with it
ive been practicing some graphing as drawing :)
i know about KnightOS and zkeme80 too

would love resources on how to use this thing or cool programs for it
my fave has to be:

i'm doing some audioreactive stuff mixing the hand drawn and the procedural lately

I am extemely A Sucker for any kind of volumetric display hardware, this looks fun

all programs will halt if you hit them with a hammer enough times. dont know what this fuss about them not doing that is about.

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