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Seriously pondering entering the competition nevertheless, being completely transparent that it's an act of protest.

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oh shit! my bad, i always thought it was made from fungi or something :/

oh wow, was as late as 2017 when I stopped using this invoice indiscriminately

i have absolutely no excuse not to write music at this point. please kick my ass if there's not another EP out in like six weeks i s2g

I have a theory that lots of wealthy people are politically conservative because of the personal compromises they've had to make (the conscience pangs they've had to spend a career ignoring or dubiously justify) - it's broken their ability to be compassionate. To be idealistic. They figure "I sold out" so no one else should be able to find a higher moral ground either.

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DAMN YOU SONY for making something exactly like what I want but making it just an ereader instead of a PDA/ereader!

a personal computer is a computer you have personal issues with

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of me pursuing this direction with my art, so I thought it'd be nice to reference the first piece with this one. Thanks for following along so far!


I am grateful for all the ways in which plants sustain, nourish and comfort me. 🌱 🙏🏻 🖤

this is literally everything my os can do at the moment but it was totally worth it imo

so many people convinced they are "building the future" are actually just rehashing the present and the past. like every new supposedly planet-scale system that is ASCII only on some level, or the cryptocurrency community who's wildest dreams for a future society still involve money, hierarchy, wealth disparity, centralized control. this isn't progress.

i feel bad throwing my old (broken from water damage) laptop out
i salvaged the parts that i could (ram and ssd) and dont know how to fix the rest... :/
any ideas?

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